Dreaming of Freedom

When I dreamed of being my own boss, having a home-based business, I dreamed of FREEDOM. Having a wealth of time and money to do the things I love, while spending quality time with the people I care most about.

The first step initiated was a shift from being an employee in the lumber industry to self-employment in the Health & Wellness industry these past 12 years. I shifted gears for the same reasons many of us choose to be self-employed:  work our passion, call our shots, plan our hours, and essentially create something of our own.

What is the problem with this? Time, geographical and financial freedom only exists as a Business owner or Investor. Money may be earned in all four arenas, yet only true FREEDOM is derived when a network of other people’s time and efforts are leveraged and duplicated.

According to bestselling author and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki, this requires a shift from generating income as an employee or self-employed individual to becoming a business owner or investor. Robert explains this through the Cashflow Quadrant, a conceptual tool Robert developed to categorize the four major ways income is earned.  Watch this clip as Robert explains:

The Cashflow Quadrant

Taking Steps to Freedom

I love where I’ve focused my time and attention these past 12 years. Offering heart-centered counsel through Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching, Massage & Bodywork and Grief/Loss has been an organic expression of my soul. The transformations I have witnessed have been breathtaking and rewarding.

What is the down side? As a self-employed consultant I’ve never worked harder, longer hours, and multi-tasked more, while having less time and less money than I dreamed of. Not only am I the Coach, I maintain a community presence while running the day-to-day operations of every small business.

THANKFULLY, I have found network marketing to complement and this is shifting how money is earned into the Business Owner and eventually Investor side of the Cashflow quadrant. Network marketing is a rewarding business model praised by the likes of financial educators Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

I am growing a residual income that pays month after month, while helping others in our organization do the same. We are developing a network of happy customers experiencing life-changing results, while growing a team of business partners whose collective efforts stretch each of us personally and professionally. Incredibly rewarding, I love it!

By staying focused on the Dream of Freedom, which requires continual steps towards generating income from the business owner and investor quadrants, time, commitment and consistency will reveal greater financial results.

Perhaps a little re-branding is due – as Health & Financial Coach elevating people’s lives by offering real solutions, extracting from spiritual coaching, bodywork and nutritional wellness with an element of creating Financial Health and an additional income opportunity for people from all backgrounds, ages and professional experiences.

Take Inventory NOW…It’s Your Turn

Begin with a 5-minute INVENTORY of what you most love and want in your life. Include: your experiences, passions, hobbies, celebrations and assets you own, whatever comes to mind and heart. Grab a pen and paper, bullet points are fine.

Write for 5 minutes continuously, nonstop. You may want to take 10 minutes or longer, which is absolutely fine as long as you keep flowing pen to paper. Take as long as you need.

Once you’ve created your list, go down the page and put a check mark or asterisk beside the item that you have already achieved in your life or feel that you enjoy on a regular basis. Now HIGHLIGHT with a bright marker what you HAVE NOT yet experienced. It is these areas that your heart is calling for your attention and steps towards change that will enliven their importance.  Envision taking inventory of your life’s bucket list, and then create a plan to execute and bring to fruition!

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