Inherent stages of Grief, or fundamental stages, involves many degrees of emotion. Depending on the degree of loss endured, an individual may experience shock, denial, bargaining, anger, or guilt. All forms of loss can be exposed to these stages. In the event of losing a loved one through death or personally experiencing near death, stages may be described as follows:

Shock – An unexpected experience of death that jars the mind or emotions or a reality of death setting in.

Denial – An unconscious defense mechanism characterized by a refusal to accept painful realities, thoughts, or feelings connected to death.

Bargaining – Negotiate the terms of death. To trade something or someone in exchange for longevity or a life.

Anger – A strong emotion of displeasure or hostility oriented toward the grievance of loss.

Guilt – Remorse caused by feeling responsible in some way for the death of your loved one or self-reproach for supposed inadequacy or wrongdoing.

Are you or is someone you know experiencing symptoms of moderate or severe depression?

• Loss of interest that once were part of your life
• Frequent and uncontrollable outbursts of crying / deep sadness
• Drastic change in diet and sleep patterns
• Need to be totally alone
• Withdrawal from all social activities
• Feelings of absolute hopelessness and helplessness
• Thoughts of suicide
• Anger or rage

When loss is experienced, feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, depression, anxiety, fear, and guilt may result. These emotions may be directed towards yourself or your family, friends, co-workers and clients. These emotions are a completely natural response to your loss. Although a natural reaction, it is important to be responsible for yourself.

Many of us are familiar with the Inherent Stages of Grief associated with grieving and loss. To understand and recognize the stages is the first step. To fully accept and embrace your thoughts and feelings is the next essential step for healing to flourish.

Drawing upon our unique approach of Spiritual Guidance with Energy Bodywork and Massage, we can help you move beyond awareness, through your resistance to feel, to accepting your emotions. From here, a natural course of healing will unfold so you can experience the joy and peace you deserve!
The Heart’s Time Frame

There is no time frame for transforming Grief & Loss. Everyone heals at a different rate and in a highly individualized way. Be patient with yourself. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Be patient with yourself…and reach out!

It is important to stay connected with individuals in your life you love and trust. You may feel like hiding out or running, a common reaction. It is essential, however, to trust your inner guidance for self-care and continue to talk about your loved one. You may resist because it brings up uncomfortable emotions; however, self-expression is one of the most direct paths to transforming matters of the heart.

By allowing yourself to feel and express emotions that arise, as a result of your present state, you will assist the heart’s healing process and feel better sooner. Sensing the presence of your loved one’s Spirit, through Intuitive Guidance, will also ease grief and speed up the process as you discover your loved one is still very near and supporting you in ways they may not have been able to before.

Transformational Coaching with Massage & Bodywork are exceptional vehicles for spiritual enhancement, life after loss, transforming grief, and re-creating a joyful life experience.

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