Interpreting Spirit Signs of loved ones who passed is very real and happening all around us. Death is not the end of life. Death is a transition from the physical body into a new form. Our departed loved ones are very much alive and part of our daily life. We simply choose to be present and we will recognize them.

Interpreting Spirit Signs through acceptance and Spirit’s messages may assist to:

Ease pain or grief of losing a loved one
Overcome fears and limitations about death
Realize the true essence of living your life completely
Communicate with and learn from Spirit in your daily life
Strengthen intuition for seeing, feeling and listening to your inner voice beyond doubt

Interpreting Spirit Signs requires being “receptive” to messages of guidance. The merriam-webster dictionary defines receptive as “able or inclined to receive; especially :  open and responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions.” We must choose to be open and willing to recognize the unlimited ways our loved ones passed, our Spirit family, may choose to communicate. Some ways I’ve personally experienced include:

1. Dreams – Dreaming of a departed loved one is the most common way for Spirits to communicate. When asleep, we are open to additional levels of consciousness. Our spirit body travels in the astral levels and able to contact and communicate with your Spirit family. Our brain interprets this as a dream.

2. Electrical Occurrences – Our loved ones like to manipulate electricity to capture our attention and inform us they are nearby. Light bulbs flicker or turn on/off, telephones ring, radio volumes are adjusted, radio station channels are changed, and televisions turned on/off.

3. Temperature Changes/Sensations – tingles, goose bumps, shooting energy feeling, heightened awareness or greater alertness, hair being played with, and a touch on the shoulder or arm are all signs of their presence.

4. Movement of Objects – Objects appear moved or completely disappear. For example, if you are an organized person and able to recognize when objects are not in the usual position, Spirit may take this approach to attract your attention (frames, pictures, candles, stones, flower arrangements, rear view mirrors, lip balm, and much more).

5. Smells – the deceased’s perfume or aftershave lotion fills the air. This is a sign your loved one is around you especially when you know you are alone or nobody is wearing this specific scent.

6. Inspirational Thought – Inspiration means “in Spirit”. You may be involved in or thinking about something completely different when suddenly a memory or thought of your loved one enters your awareness. Following this experience, you may receive the answer to a question you’ve been seeking, or resolution to a situation that has been on your mind. The spirit world communicates by thought. During our awakened state, Spirit uses thought to influence, guide and support us to make the appropriate decision. A good way to stay open to inspiration is to rest your mind: relaxation breathing, massage, writing, meditation, walk in nature, dancing, etc.

7. Synchronicity or Coincidence – Nothing happens by accident. In my experience, coincidences are not coincidences at all. All circumstances grow out of thought. James Van Praagh firmly believes “The outer world of circumstance is shaped by the inner world of thought. Synchronicity or coincidence is really divine intelligence acting upon our thoughts. It’s when things just happen to fall into place without any effort.” Synchronicity is another opportunity for our Spirit friends to play a role and convey their interest in linking you up with the appropriate people, events, experiences, and resources that support you in your life’s vision.

• When I was looking for an apartment in which to live, I was guided to call a phone number in the paper that “apparently” popped out at me. When I called, I reached the office secretary for David Gooding, a long-time friend and business associate of my Dad. The suite was in the recently newly built building Dad used to live in and care take for David. This historical building was burnt to the ground in a fire, and rebuilt with 50% keeping the original face of the building, 50% completely upbeat and modern. The suite I was shown was in the original historical side, and the woman who guided me to the suite I last spoke with during my Dad’s memorial service.

• My sister Chantelle was searching the newspapers for a used horse trailer. When Chantelle and her mom Jackie checked out an ad that intrigued them, the trailer turned out to be the one our Dad owned. It was the exact trailer Jackie sold following Dad’s passing. It has been repainted and the floor was in original condition.

8. Visions – When we are open enough, our loves ones may show us a part of all of their form: the body as we remember them. My sister Corrine, in her deepest pain, saw a vision of Dad the morning following a painful night’s sleep, standing at the foot of her bed. Dad appeared beside Corrine’s friend who came into the room to assist. My step mom Jackie also recognized Dad’s Spirit walking around their home following his passing.

Your loved ones will elect to communicate with you in a way that is recognizable to you. This requires a development of self-trust to interpret the meaning of the message. Listen to your heart, for this is where the answers and truth reside.

In my experience, the more messages or signs I received from a Spirit, the more I believed in eternal life and the less I feared death. Although knowing our loved ones are close by in Spirit does not take away the pain of physical loss, it does lend to a lessening of the feelings of grief. In time, a celebration of what your loved one has to teach you from the spiritual dimension will support you in ways you could never have imagined.

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