Is Stress Depleting Your Energy and Bank Account? Spring has arrived, and this means an ENERGY revive! It’s time for an internal check in. This can mean LETTING GO at a new level…

The world is moving at an increasingly faster pace, it feels like this to many of us. And it’s not slowing down. Do you feel this too? Is Stress depleting your energy and bank account is an important question to ask yourself as it’s a key factor in your quality of life.

Guess what? Your environment may appear to be going fast but you have the Power of Emotion and insight to tap in, be your leader and put on the brakes when most needed.

The energy you are vibrating at on the inside is in direct correlation to what you are attracting back into your life. Dark and yucky feelings produce that back to you in how people respond to you, your level of health, the prosperity or lack of it that shows up.

Our energy body and nervous system cannot efficiently handle a fast, continuously moving stressful environment 100% of the time, nor in a negative direction.

We know this because we see signs from many of our beloved family members and friends. We feel it in our own body. Myself, I am witness to my struggles with it time and again. Signals like:

High stress, overwhelm

Anxiety, ADD

Depression, sadness

Fatigue, exhaustion

Irritability, anger

Breathing problems

Pressure in chest, pain in the body

Headaches, mind spinning

Digestive problems, inability to absorb nutrients effectively

And the list is growing…

Do you know anyone who has felt this way? Of course you do.

Do you know that ongoing stress raises cortisol levels? This is the stress hormone in the body that has been linked to serious disease states like cancer. Check out this Psychology Today article: Learn More

I’m here to give you the GOOD NEWS!! Life doesn’t have to be that way.

Wherever you are is a turning point. It’s your opportunity to make a new decision. Are you going to invite peace, joy and alignment (more often) into your world?

If it means giving up something that is literally killing your body, I hugely encourage you to do that. Drop it! Shelve it for a while. Even when it seems like the thing you’re doing is THE MOST important in the world. It’s not, if it’s harming you.

This could be an unhealthy relationship

The way you treat yourself, addictive behaviours

Poor health

Extensive business projects that are stretching you in an unhealthy manner

[INSERT] your own ….

If this is happening to you it’s time to shift the energy body.  Find a way to calm your mind, unwind your body, and release suppressed emotion. Let go of out-dated Belief systems.

It’s time to toss out (ok, well transform is a better description) old stories ruling your body and mindset. Instead, be the creator that you are and work with your ENERGY, because all things are energy frequencies including us.

This is where I come in!! This is where working with me will create a massive shift and difference in your energy, how you feel in your body, how you respond to your thoughts and life.

As a Transformational Coach I can “see” and “sense” things you may not (at least at first glance).

When TRANSFORMATION happens at even ONE level … changing how you feel… this FEELING of GOOD VIBES hits every cell in your body to ignite a new mindset, a new body as the cells rebirth. It happened for Rhonda.

Rhonda Video: Weight Lifted Off Her Shoulders

IMAGINE experiencing…

Freedom in your body

More energy and vitality

Joy and laughter

Relationships that nourish your heart and bank account

Cool surprises from unexpected sources

If you’re ready to shift how you are feeling about your life, your body, your relationships, your business, your dreams, call me today to schedule an interview.

An initial session with me is a great beginning.
My 3 month Transformational program leads to where you really want to go!

From wellness coaching, energy bodywork and nutritional supplementation to grief/loss intuitive guidance to prosperity consciousness alignment – we draw upon what’s needed most to achieve your desired goals and dreams. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Together we’ll determine the first step for YOU!

I always begin with a down-to-earth Discovery call. Reply to this email or call to schedule a heart-to-heart chat. Let’s make Magic happen.

Love & Blessings
Colleen xo

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