Let Go of Attachments and Get Unstuck for Success.  Huh, really? What exactly does this have to do with living a highly successful, abundant, healthy and joyful life? It’s true, and has been happening to me in the BIGGEST way ever.

Beautiful or detrimental?  Long term ATTACHMENTS to people, places, emotions; objects and outcomes may be interfering with your happiness and future success.

In this video I highlight 3 Tips to Get Unstuck:


People, places, and objects are comprised of energy and carry a specific vibrational frequency or resonance. There is plenty of science to back this up, and most of us know that by simply tapping into our internal GPS system, our intuition.

We get a FEELING if something feels GOOD and makes us smile, relaxed, excited, inspired, and energetic, or alternately feeling OFF. Low energy, sluggish, sad, yucky, bored, angry, or turned off.

If you want to step up your game and embrace an energy frequency that takes you to your next level, my video will give you fuel to ignite your flame. 3 Tips to help Let Go of Attachments:

1) Be Open; Listen to your Heart and gut instinct, your GPS. Take several deep breaths and allow an experience or item to come into your consciousness. Next, invite your internal compass system to guide you if it’s time to let go? Ask the question. No matter how wild or surprising your mind’s answer, you will know the truth, we always do. It’s just we may not always follow our intuition. Choose faith in the process and TRUST your senses, more so than your mind.

2) Be Yourself, Be Authentic. Wherever you are on your journey you are meant to be there to learn something new.  This means if you’ve been attached to a relationship to something (a person, place, or object) for a very long time, you may be holding on for reasons you don’t even remember. A struggling dead end relationship, the dilapidating house, an ornament that no longer brings you joy or the book containing knowledge you have already acquired ~ yet you hold on cause Auntie Suzy gifted it to you on your 21st becoming an adult birthday.

3) Do it with an Open Heart. No matter what Attachments you are saying hello or good-bye too, bless each experience and item that has supported you this far. Bless it, then GIVE, SELL, or RECYCLE it. Make room in your space, your heart and your mind for new joyful memories, experiences, knowledge and opportunities coming your way.

My video is for everyone who wants to brighten up their energy, their life. My Tips will get you thinking about what you need on the road to attracting your next level success.  Could it be More Money, a new relationship, better wardrobe, deeper spiritual connection, time in nature and travel, or new special memories and adventures?

For Greater Leaps, I invite you to explore my powerful Transformational Coaching and Energy Healing. Everyone who is committed to living a conscious, vibrant life is welcome. My level of work is beautifully designed as next level steps for:

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  • getting unstuck and clearing energy blocks
  • moving through your blocks and fear faster
  • dissolving trauma, depression or heartache and replacing with joy
  • feeling more love in your life
  • having a thriving  business
  • attracting in more money
  • feeling healthy and strong
  • letting go with greater ease and grace
  • All this is possible and more when you get unstuck, aligned, relinquish your attachments.

With the assistance of someone who has been there herself, allow me to help you uncover what’s holding the attachment or vibration that is holding you back. Together we can create a NEW PATHWAY designed specifically for you, your dreams and goals, in a way that FEELS aligned with your values.

I am a powerhouse intuitive and facilitator of change.  I’ve helped many transform their Health, Wealth and Love relationships. My Transformational Coaching program allows you to do this, meeting each layer as it unfolds to show us what’s next.

To see if we are a match, answer these 3 questions:

  1. Are you yearning for more, a desire to expand? Be honest.
  2. Are you willing to feel discomfort in the face of fear as it pops up?
  3. Will you trust in a process you have to FEEL your way through?

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The good news…. change doesn’t have to take years, even months. We can accomplish this in several weeks. In the very first session you will feel a shift, see an improvement.

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