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Life after Death, Signs Your Loved One is Nearby is real.  Be Open to the Signs and Messages to ignite a joyful, healthy heart because living Healthy is the greatest gift you can give yourself and someone you love. Meet my friend Billy who did that for me and surprised his family and friends by showing his presence during the celebration of life funeral service.

Moving beyond addictive patterns into sobriety is another gift. If your loved one tried everything to live healthy and happy and that failed, you can still revel in their incredible loving nature and have peace of mind knowing they are nearby. Icing on the cake when the funeral service minister poses a question to the congregation about the possibility of “Billy” showing his presence to us. Listen closely to the video as I explain how the minister acknowledges the appearance of two toy model cars that nobody brought to the church.

Life after Death, Signs Your Loved One is Nearby is being globally recognized by millions worldwide receiving signs and sharing their personal experiences of their loved ones. Weekly I read new stories that find their way to one of my most popular blogs:

Spirit Communication, Moving Objects Signs from a Loved One.  Enjoy the heartfelt and sometimes wild experiences then write your own story in the blog comments section. I read every single one.

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Spirit Communication is essentially sharing and receiving messages, insights and feelings from loved ones who died. Moving Objects and Spirit Signs from Loved Ones Who Died have been happening to me for over 20 years.

Through recognizing signs of your loved one you will begin to transform grief and ease the physical and emotional pain associated with your loss. It’s absolutely possible to to awaken your inner psychic and expand your body’s intuition, so you may communicate and receive loving support from your beloved spirits in daily life.

Transforming Grief and Loss with the assistance of interpreting signs actually speeds up the healing process and heartfelt emotional pain. We do not have to stay stuck in our pain body.  I can help your heavy heart feel lighter and joyful again.

Has a loved one died?
Has a marriage or long term relationship suddenly ended?
Have you experienced financial devastation?
Have you endured a health set-back?
Have you lost a sense of connection with yourself?

When we lose a loved one (person or animal), a committed relationship ends, our quality of life is severely impacted, or we’ve lost a sense of connection with our self, the emptiness a person feels can be devastating. When a loss occurs, there are varying emotions of grief a person may feel including shock, overwhelm, anger, guilt, sorrow, loneliness and even fear. Transforming Grief and Loss is an important part of the healing journey.

Having personally experienced each of these devastations at varying times in her life, most more than once, Colleen brings a compassionate, insightful and highly skilled intuitive approach to her clients. In a confidential setting, you can expect to feel safe and accepted as you are guided in exploring your thoughts and emotions resulting from your loss, so you may feel better sooner.

“Love knows not its depth until the hour of separation.” – Kahlil Gibran

In a co-creative collaboration, we will design the optimal approach for you. We’ll begin from the awareness that we are, by our very nature, Quantum beings, comprised of Energy. All change or transformation is derived from Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA).

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