One of my personal Dreams and reasons for sharing XanGo (health & opportunity) is to hike more Mountains anywhere in the world I am inspired to go, when I am inspired to Go! All the while helping others achieve what they desire in life, whatever that may be for them, while nourishing my soul, is a Dream coming true.

The beauty of this Dream is that it will be re-created and re-born constantly, giving rise to new opportunities to grow and develop, while touching more and more lives.

To share in an experience that includes improved health (losing weight, easing stress or elimination of chronic pain), while adding a little extra income during a difficult time to a creating a lifestyle financial reset, I cannot Imagine a Life more heavenly when combined with what I love most…breathing in the outdoors, mountains and adventure.

Having found a vehicle, I am excited to be aligned in providing Wellness and Hope to the world. Ask yourself:

What am I doing RIGHT NOW towards achieving my Dreams?

Do I know what I truly want?

Do I have a burning desire to attain such?

Do I have a strong enough vehicle and a solid foundation to take me there?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Both are fine and unique to you.

If you do have Dreams that you haven’t fully explored, or perhaps given up on, I’d love to share a tea or healthy beverage to re-ignite your fire. If I have resources to other professionals or Dream Builders that can help you get where you want to go, it will be my Joy that is served.

In appreciation of everyone who inspires me!

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