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Love the work you do? If you didn’t get paid, would you still do what you do professionally?  It’s not that I don’t want you to be abundant and financially successful. Absolutely not the case. I ask because I want you to love the work you do and in my experience you won’t do it well and you won’t put in enough energy and heart to maintain any level of real long term success if you are not truly feeling in your zone.

Love the work you do is essential to your heart and soul. There are times in life we are humbled, we struggle, we face losses and challenges. Often we can feel like we are not on track. We never intended this life, this happening. Yet here we are facing a sorrow, death, divorce, job loss, financial bankruptcy, identity loss, mental instability, health problems and more.

In my video I share some powerful thoughts on why I do what I do and offer suggestive tips to check in with yourself. Ask yourself, “Am I on a track that brings added joy to my life?”

If you find yourself questioning if  your profession is the right field for you, ask yourself “Does this work Light Me Up?” If it doesn’t light a burning flame under you, or stir up passion igniting a reason to get up every day, it is time to revisit what you do and why you are doing it?

Myself, I started in the forestry industry at 18 years of age and for 11.5 years worked with the documentation department and sales team, climbing may way up the ladder of a predominantly male industry being commodity trading. I was passionate, I had a plan.  I went as far as designing my own job description that my manager approved for promotion into overseas lumber sales. In reflection, it was the conversations with customers and co-workers about the subject of health, personal development, and relationships that inspired me most.

When my cousin Rob was diagnosed with skin cancer at age 25 and my father throat cancer at 59 years young, I became increasingly interested in both the emotion we suppress and the nutrition & lifestyle we choose that impact health. Later after they transitioned (passed away),  then my spiritual interest flourished incredibly because I began to FEEL their spiritual presence and desire to communicate with me. Twenty years later and Rob, Dad, sister Corrine, Grandma and many more beloved continue to let me know they are nearby. Eventually, my work life moved away from the lumber industry into health & spiritual.

I’d be involved in the Health & Spiritual empowerment arenas even if no money was present because that’s me! What about you? Here are some tips you can apply to your life to help you ensure your soul journey is aligned with Work you Love to do Professionally.

1. Review the daily conversations you have with people

When you meet someone new or strike up a conversation among your family, friends and social circle notice what you are talking about. is it current politics and finances, science and inventions, art or crafts you create in your spare time, financial abundance and mindset conversations, or heath and wellness? If you find yourself in deeper discussions, exploring a particular field out of interest or inner calling or counseling people by way of your insights and personal experiences, there may be something you have not thought to engage in.

2. Create a Mind Map or List

Best way I know how to tap into your passions, interests, ideas and transfer them from your cellular body to your outward manifestation is to write the thoughts down, draw them out,  speak them out. I love using Mind Maps because I’m highly visual. If you’ve never seen or used a Mind Map Wikipedia has a great visual VIEW HERE.

Before you begin, ensure you ate something healthy to fuel your mind then get comfortable. For your inner voice to express the “areas of your calling” is to become very peaceful, letting go of the mind chatter telling you those negative nillies. Relaxation breathing for 10 minutes before you put pen to paper (or colored markers and pencil crayons), try Alternate Nostril Breathing.  Visit my blog on Rebirthing and scroll down to Alternate Nostril Breathing.  Read full blog

3. Take one step each day to engage in learning something relating to your new or renewed interest. Seek out mentors in your area of interest and observe or talk with them about what they did, their path, how they enjoy and how they earn a financial living doing what they love. Read books on the subject, google and YouTube search, participate in masterminds, attend seminar events on the topic, take a course from “an expert” who has achieved results, and most importantly follow your inner promptings. Your body will always guide you to a “YES” do this, or “No” not that way.

4. Hire me to work together to dive deeper

Love the work you do will be our eventual goal. I’m a transformational energy coach, spiritual educator, inspirational leader and holistic nutritional educator. I help people FEEL GOOD from the inside out. I create an environment that encourages you to tap into the authentic, emotive, empowering you that already knows what to do. Already knows which new walk to take or dive deeper into your present realm.

In a transformational coaching call or in-person session we dive into the answers held in the cellular structure of your body! You will feel more peace, clarity, have extra focus and build your belief and trust with yourself. There is no better gift I know than loving the one you walk with everyday!

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Love & Blessings for a brighter day!
Colleen xo