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In this newsletter I wanted to give you an EASY, yet POWERFUL technique you can use anywhere, anytime, with any circumstance that will help you Lower Anxiety, Increase Energy, Improve Mood State and Increase Financial & Abundance Flow in all areas of your life.

I trust you enjoyed a beautiful summer. I’m still craving the warmth, sunshine and longer days of my favourite season, yet I am choosing to be grateful. Grateful for the seasons of life and massive love to all inflicted by the tragedy of our Hurricane Dorian and our planet’s climate concerns.

If it was a heart-tugging time for you, my wish is for you to redirect your heart energy and thoughts onto GRATITUDE for what you do have and see your experience as a Gift.

Perhaps you’ve faced a disappointment, a separation, an illness dragging on, financial ups and downs, the transition of a loved one, or your child growing up and leaving the nest.

My special guest Doug Setter of 2nd Wind Body Science is with me to help explain and demonstrate the Magic of Breathing to Lower Anxiety and Increase Financial Flow . Doug has been a past client and dear friend. He brings his expert as an ex military peacekeeper, fitness & nutrition trainer and author.

To view Magic of Breathing to Lower Anxiety and Increase Financial Flow  you can watch our replay video here and on YouTube, or catch the original Facebook Live video.  Doug and I have used this simple breathing technique to help us re-align our spirit during everyday stressors.

For more intense emotional times, a longer version of this same breathing technique is called Rebirthing. For over 17 years I have found this breathing modality an amazing tool to integrate into client consults so they will transform ANYTHING on their mind, on their heart and in the physical body UNDER THE SURFACE where we often prefer to ignore. We think its easier, which is furthest from the truth, because that which you Resist, Persists.

Click here to learn about The Breath of Life technique to purify body and mind.

I often see people for Massage sessions (I too love a good Massage) to work out general muscle soreness, to relax, and feel rejuvenated. Then there is the group of folks who lean into Breathing classes, Meditation groups and spiritual growth workshops who want to go deeper.

Not everyone has experienced the life enhancing benefits of the Dynamic Duo – this is where you get to enjoy BOTH!! Work on the yucky stuff and FEEL amazing with a great Energy Massage & Bodywork session.

I’m bringing this to your attention, especially for the folks living in the Vancouver, British Columbia Lower Mainland area because EVERY SINGLE PERSON who experiences the Dynamic Duo will FEEL an elephant lifted off their back and open up to the next level of clarity in their Health, Relationships, Business and the whole meal deal of life!

I always pull out all my Best Tools when clients tell me they want true transformation and improvement in one or more areas of their life. Do yourself a favour and…..

Click here to view Doug Setter’s Testimonial. Listen to how our sessions together positively helped him to Transform Grief and Loss of the transition of his Mother, then later his sister. The transformation he experienced inspired him to get himself back on track and feeling good again to tackle his life and business.

You can shift those gears and get out of your own way in prep for the Autumn. This month is a perfect time to schedule a transformational evolutionary session with me.

I’m available for in-person Spiritual Guidance, Transformational Coaching/Healing, Wellness consults and powerful Energy Bodywork & Massage sessions plus Phone/Zoom Coaching.

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I love you, I appreciate you, and I wish you Vibrant Health as we move through the final quarter of 2019 and begin an altogether new decade in 2020!

In Vibrant Health & Blessings
Love Colleen  xx