Often as practitioners we team up to provide Massage and wellness services at corporate and non-profit events. This weekend, I joined Calli Meister, owner of and her mobile team, at the Executive Plaza Airport Hotel in Richmond to pamper Foster parents.

Calli has a professional team of experts that bring Massage and holistic services to your doorstep. We share a common thread in our approach to wellness and treating the person from the inside, taking an individual or an organization’s “wholeness” into account. We are not the sum of our parts, but rather the whole of our connections.

Hollyburn Family Services organizes the annual training conference and generously arranges for the Foster Parent participants to be fully pampered after two long days of learning. I was the lucky one who gave Massage to both the program lead and the supervisor with Hollyburn. Amazing talent and heart these ladies!

Most of all, by engaging with the Foster parents I recognized these heart-centered individuals truly care for the needs of their foster children, by loving them as if they were biologically their own. I heard a few stories that reminded me what a very patient and loving person it takes to be a Foster parent – we are all blessed to have these people in the world, and it makes me very appreciative to have my Mom with me today!

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