Thank you Cathy for sharing your experience. This is why I do what I love, to feel the Joy in my Heart when my friends experience life changing results like you have…

“Over the past few years I have been struggling with balance in my life – not only did I not put ‘me’ time on my to do list, I also ‘forgot’ the things that make me happy and fulfilled. I was focussing on the things I needed to change – my job, my home, for example – rather than the things inside me that I could work on to get to a ‘happier’ place with my whole life.  I am not done by any means, but through the body work that I have been doing with Colleen, I am able to find that place within myself to evaluate my needs and wants and am able to be comfortable with setting the priorities that will help me live a happier life!

More than a massage, Colleen’s body work helps release the tension in my body, helps clear my mind of all the clutter and negative messaging, and refreshes my spirit, making it is easier to find the positive, happy place in my life that is allowing me to explore new ideas and new directions. Knowing this would be a year of change, working with Colleen has helped me to be overcome my own fears and self-imposed barriers, evaluate options, make decisions and move forward towards achieving my goals.”

~ Cathy Deluca