Media interviews, podcast guest, radio shows, presentations, and leadership speaking engagements is a powerful way for Colleen to extend her passion to help guide, mentor and inspire individuals and organizations to Raise and Reset their Vibration to attract more Vibrant Health, Love, Money & Magic into life with greater ease and grace.

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Energy is Everything and Spiritual Signs from Loved Ones are Real.  Interview with beautiful Diane Hume on the Dream Receiver show where its all about Love and Trust.  The curiosity of the AfterLife is growing exponentially around the world and people are seeking Colleen to answer questions: How Do I heal my Heart after losing someone? How do I connect with my loved ones? Are Spirit Signs like Moving Objects really?

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What does all this have to do with living a lifestyle we love? Spirit movement is Energy. We are energy beings. How we FEEL is everything. When we personally FEEL a connection with our loved one who has transitioned from the physical, our Hearts heal faster and we grow a our connection to Spirit/God/Source/Self. We re-engage and get back to our life, family, and business with more Joy and Vibrancy!

Colleen Wynia Podcast Spiritual Energy Coach, knowing me knowing you

Aired August 6, 2021 – Struggle from Grief & Loss to Becoming a Magnet to Your Dreams 

Spiritual Leader Colleen Wynia shares her true-life stories and wealth of knowledge as she meanders through this thing we call life to find her passion as a Visionary, Spiritual Intuitive, Quantum Energy Facility, Grief Healer, and Wellness Educator.

Colleen shares insight from her own grief and loss experience. Grief from the loss of loved ones and loss of self since a young girl. Share helps us deepen our understanding of the key steps to take to ensure you support yourself during this stressful time while healing the heart, spiritually expanding and growing a business. She shares her journey to discovering her passion, stories from her childhood and leaves us with much food for thought.

We trust you’ll enjoy this conversation between two friends. Remember to tune into Part Two. You’ll learn about Colleen’s Crystallize Your Vision program to ensure growth steps on fulfilling your purpose through trusting your intuition.

Episode 1:

Aired August 13, 2021 – The 5 Point Star System & Developing Intuition to Energize Your Purpose & Dreams

Episode 2:

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Knowing Me, Knowing You is a Lifestyle podcast filled with knowledge, life shares, storytelling from business professionals and  friends Paula has met during her journey of life. A fun, informative, straight-talking, and highly interactive arena where her community dives deeper into life stuff; health and fitness, personal development, relationships, spirituality, success, business, mental health, and more.

Quantum Energy is Real Life ~ Podcast #1 Michael Clogs of Depictions Media Interviews Colleen Wynia

As Energy beings, we are constantly vibrating at a frequency matching our beliefs. We are vibrationally sending out energy signals that attract everything into our lives, all experiences and tangibles, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Quantum Energy is Real Life has a universally studied and proven science supporting the exciting theory felt by many spiritual educators like Colleen. Michael Clog’s passion and knowledgeable for the science of Quantum Energy is Real Life coupled with Colleen’s highly personal and professional client collection of experiences over 20 plus years, brings together a topic that we are globally exploring and learning to embrace into all facets of our life.  The broader objective to allow in more joy, love, abundance, compassion and meaning to our hearts and everyone we impact and connect with in the world.

Colleen + Michael Clogs Podcast

Quantum Energy is Real Life is as much a powerful definition of Michael’s tough upbringing illuminating his courage and passion as it is his interview of me. Michael is an incredible human being. He truly cares and illuminates the world wherever he goes. Growing up Michael was  told that his opinion did not matter. Nothing he said would ever impact anyone and that he should learn to take orders from those who were smarter than he was.

When he and his mother were told by school advisors that his wanting to attend university was not the place for him and he would never do more than a simple trade, Michael went on to attend university and became a very successful chemical engineer and analyst. But that not being enough, Michael found a calling to help people change their lives and change the world.

Michael’s company Depictions Media was founded on the idea that everyone has a voice and everyone should be heard. I am blessed to call Michael my friend and fellow light advocate. Take a moment to explore Depictions Media and enjoy interviews from other experts in their field. Listen to our Podcast on Depiction Media’s platform:

Learn How Quantum Is Real Life

Colleen & Michael

LISTEN NOW and Learn How Quantum is Real Life:

How we FEEL on a daily basis is everything. I help people “align” themselves to FEEL GOOD and more powerfully attract vibrant health, love, money & magical experiences with  greater ease and grace. This covers every spectrum of success in life including Health, Love, and Business expansion.

With Hi-Vibe Coaching, Energy Healing, Grief & Loss counsel and whole food nutritional supplements, I marry together a personalized, collaborative approach for committed clients. I’ve discovered a better way beyond despair and confusion to hope and fulfillment.

I didn’t start out feeling good so I can relate with my clients. Through childhood and into my adult years, I awoke most mornings feeling depressed, disappointed and lacking faith.

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Vancouver Women: the Law of Attraction is a universal law, a law of nature, an extension of the energy frequency we are always vibrating at on the inside. I was honored to be invited by Christina Waschko of MotherpreneurTV to discuss how to embrace the Law of Attraction in life so we attract in more of what we desire.

As Energy beings, we are constantly vibrating at a frequency matching our beliefs – sending out energy signals that attract everything into our lives – all experiences and tangibles – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Understanding Quantum Energy Awareness is a foundation for transforming how we feel on the inside, to attract that which we desire on the outside.


Choose Positive Living host Sara Troy interviews her guest Colleen Wynia on two extraordinary shows.

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Aired from May 31, 2016:  Reset Your Vibe to Live in those Good Vibrations of Life

How to Raise and Reset Your Vibration to attract Vibrant Health, Love and Money is an essential soul teaching. What you think and how you feel on a daily basis is THE MOST important thing. The positive energy behind your thoughts and behind your feelings influences all of your Creations.

If you want to make a change in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and improve your health to live a long Vibrant and Joyful life, you must start within. You must learn how to raise and reset your vibration so that you become a powerhouse and magnetic “attractor” for all you desire in life.

Listen here:

Aired from June 21, 2016:  Own Your Good Vibrational Signature

After a high vibe show May 31st, we were inspired to bring a second “HOW-TO'” show with simple, powerful tips to create your own vibrational signature so you will attract more of what you truly desire.

Colleen begins by explaining the basic requirements to understand Law of Vibration as a universal principle. The Law of Vibration is a primary law that supersedes the Law of Attraction. A prerequisite if you will, for designing your life.

As we fine tune our vibrational set-point by Raising and Aligning our Vibration from the inside, we are more positively and divinely positioned to attract Vibrant Health, Love, Purpose, Passion, Money and Magic!

Listen here:

Colleen Wynia presents a heartfelt topic “Connecting Life and Death: Bringing Joy and Success back into your Life” at the BIL Conference Vancouver February 24, 2016.

Colleen highlights Life and Death. She powerfully addresses the grief we can carry for years due to the loss of a beloved and how when recognizing Spirit Signs from our loved ones it’s possible to positively change everything in how we feel, look at and approach life and our contribution to society.

Grief and pain lowers our vibration and creates resistance to being powerful manifestors to attract success and joy our life. When a person begins to release the grief and pain they’ve harbored due to a loss of life, emotional pain held inside often for years and even decades, their pain subsides, energy increases and their fear of death alleviates, creating a more joyful state in their body and mind. They move on to creating loving relationships, success in their business, a healthy lifestyle and more joy in their hearts.

Colleen gives specific examples and demonstrates how loved ones continue to live on not only in our hearts, but act as friends, business coaches, comedians, and angels in our daily life.

Our loved ones are persistent and constantly challenge us to raise our beliefs, dreams and desires to make the very best of each day through an expanded view of ourselves, while appreciating the time we have in our human form by loving our body and making wiser decisions than they did when in the physical.

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