Moving Objects, Spirit Signs from Loved Ones Who Died have been happening to me for over 20 years. In this video I show you how my father communicates to show his presence to catch my eye. In fact, Dad Gerry has been doing this for over 20 years.

I have a large number of  biological family members who passed over I refer to as my beloved Spirit Tribe, or Spirit Family.  What’s really cool is sometimes the loved ones in Spirit I was really close to, and sometimes others not so close, will collaborate in spiritually guided client transformational coaching healing sessions. Talk about teamwork!

Spirit Communication is essentially sharing and receiving messages, insights and feelings from loved ones who died. I can help you transform grief and ease the physical and emotional pain associated with your loss. I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic and expand your body’s intuition, so you may communicate and receive loving support from your beloved spirits in daily life.

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Moving Objects, Spirit Signs from loved ones who died takes repeated experiences, sitting up tall to take notice and plenty of openness to believe.  Do you believe in signs from your loved ones after they pass away? Moving Objects is ONE of the many ways to communicate. Watch more Spirit Signs videos:  Spirit Education Videos

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Learn the first steps to create an internal environment to grow your intuition, your inner senses, that is the foundation for recognizing signs and communicating more effectively with loved ones passed. Do this by reading the first 3 steps in my eGuide titled 8 Best Steps to Raise Your Vibration

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