Moving Objects and Spirit Signs of Loved Ones Who Died can bring up fear for many people. We want our loved ones to be at peace after they die, we want to know that they are doing well and adjusting, and yet when they present themselves to us with simple signs, it can feel scary or as if we are making it up in our minds.

Do you believe in signs from your loved ones after they pass away? I do. My cousin Rob visits me regularly. His two favourite ways to capture my attention is through “electricity” and “moving objects.”

This time moving my wall clock (map of the world) lent out to my Mom. I was at the counter prepping some late night food and heard a loud BAM!! Out of the corner of my eye I saw the clock flying off the wall, hitting the counter, landing upside down, battery flung out and all in one piece. No damage, no harm.

Rob was extremely “electrical” in his personality by his actions and how he lived his life. For 22 years now, Rob has a blast experimenting how he can show his presence. He’s captured my attention in ways like:

  • Moving vehicle rear view mirrors
  • Increasing the radio station volume on the clock radio
  • changing the station on the clock radio
  • street lamp lights turn on and off (the moment I pass by asking a question)
  • our favourite songs come on the radio the moment I thought of him
  • cat food feeder moved

These were a few of the ways Rob showed signs of Spirit Communication in the early years.

Do you want clarity on the topic of Spirit Communication?
Do you  have questions about moving objects?
Do you desire to connect with your loved one?
Do you doubt yourself and if a sign is truly real?

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Spirit Communication is essentially sharing and receiving messages, insights and feelings from loved ones who died. The beauty of this is death of the physical form has no influence over the continuation of our soul’s evolution. We merely transition, shedding our overcoat and live on.

I can help you transform grief and ease the physical and emotional pain associated with your loss. I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic and expand your body’s intuition, so you may communicate and receive loving support from your beloved spirits in daily life.

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