Overcome struggle and Raise Your Energy by focusing on helping others solve a problem is a powerful way to get out of your own way and use the emotional pain you feel to positively influence another’s life helping them feel better. In turn this inspires you to feel better.

It’s truly possible to Overcome Struggle and Raise Your Energy when you place your attention on helping others find a solution to their health dilemma, relationship struggle, financial mess or business problem they are struggling with. By focusing off of your personal struggle, pain, or dilemma onto HOW you can inspire THROUGH your story, you will ease the struggle of your own pain.

Colleen highlights a powerful interview where Eric Worre of GoPro Academy interviews Network Marketing success leader Lisa Grossman and what she did a few months into a very difficult 9 month penitentiary sentence. Lisa positively changed her negativity, pain and struggle by placing her attention on helping other people.

Please do not ignore your feelings because that’s very unhealthy. Do allow your emotion to be there, and at the same time, re-direct your COMPLAINING energy over to inspiring and teaching someone in your family or business some insightful methods and ways to assist them to improve their life, their emotional state and their income potential.

How to do this ideas:

  • Ask yourself “Who needs my help right now that my product or service can support?”
  • Ask your client, friend or family member questions to dig deeper into what matters to them
  • Share your fears that have arisen when you may have found yourself walking in their similar shoes
  • Write a blog entry, film a video, sharing a solution with your Facebook community, do something that inspires people to think about solutions versus complaining about the problem
  • Report back to someone how you challenged yourself to “get out of your own” and see the bigger meaning in your struggle
  • Take time to re-charge your batteries. Meditate, journal, hit yoga class, go for a run….
  • Make a decision to work at the root cause. Work with your business coach on your belief mindset or book a session or commitment to address the emotional undercurrent with a coach & healer like myself

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