Power of Belief and living a Healthy Life UNLIMITED is not fiction. It is not a folklore fairy tale nor a failure of promised Hope. When we are in a state of doubting our strength and capabilities we are in truth instilling FEAR into our optimal Health, our intimate relationships, and affecting our creative self in all facets of our business success.

Do you SECOND GUESS yourself when feeling stuck?
Do you QUESTION the steps you are taking because you’ve not yet reached your health or financial goal?
Do you DOUBT you’ll have the intimate loving relationship you always imagined is possible?

What may “appear impossible” is HIGHLY achievable.  In my video I share two ways the Power of Belief happened for me.


You’ve been told if you do things this way or that way then voila… your Mission will be accomplished. Possibly yes. But whom did you allow yourself to be guided by?

No matter how much work we’ve done on ourselves we all hit these moments in life. This is when we most need a Vibe Reset, a tune-up.

Something personal about me you may not know.

Since a young age, I’ve struggled with feeling crappy, emotional, and moderately depressed. Awaking most mornings (except Christmas Day or on vacation!) wanting to stay in bed. Feeling as if I do not not fit into society or my own family. Not feeling truly heard or even understood. Asking, “What is my purpose and the meaning of this life?”

It didn’t take me long to find the avenue of self-independence, blazing my own trail.

The problem was I carried emotional baggage in my body, pain & past memories held deep in my cells. This was stuck energy causing me to be temporarily blind and unhopeful.

Thankfully over the past 20 years I found a way out of the darkness. Bit by bit. But it wasn’t through willpower or sheer determination (though each played a role). Believe me I’ve tried that route.

Rather, it was through facing the emotion head on, allowing it to rear its ugly head (only for a while) and TRANSFORMING the crappy feeling to something MUCH MUCH BETTER.

By meeting each STUCK experience, pain or loss as it reared its ugly head, I learned to burn off the yuck into something beautiful, lighter, richer, more joyful, more loving towards myself.

This new vibe, this GOOD FEELING, then shines out to the universe and attracts things you desire with all your Heart. Your belief grows with more ease and grace.

A trust is developing within yourself, with source/God, a deep self-trust. The tears, the anger, the doubt & distrust, the harmful addictions, is ultimately burned off.

Slowly, then more quickly the stuff you want flows in. Loving relationships, clarity and peace of mind, more money in your bank account, and most importantly vibrant health for years to come.

All the key resources, people, and creative business ideas flow into your consciousness when you are aligned with your GOOD Vibe feeling because you’ve cleared the paralysis, moved beyond self-doubt and the fear held in your body’s cells.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve this state of grace through marrying ATTRACTION PRINCIPLES with spiritual & business coaching, energy bodywork and Nutritional supplementation which is paramount to maintain consistency once change unfolds.

It doesn’t mean you don’t take initiative and direct action steps toward your goals, but it does set the stage for the universe to send you “people, resources and experiences” you are open to and now more vibrationally ready to receive.

My success clients are able to sustain longer and longer with the support of quality supplementation fuelling their well being. I help my clients attain personalized solutions unique to their needs.


I would love to meet you and witness your successes, renewed health, and joyful uplift!!

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