Power of Emotion and Feeling Good Every Day is key. Begin each day with the intentional focus to FEEL GOOD. Everyday. Conditioning ourselves to FEEL GOOD is essential to Thriving, living a good life.

This is easy some days, ridiculously hard other days. Yet there is a science to vibing at this frequency and it hits every aspect of your life. This is the Law of Vibration, a principle law connected to the Law of Attraction.

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On a Scale of 1 – 10,  10 being absolutely awesome, ask yourself this question, “How am I feeling right now?”

Trust your intuition, the FIRST number that pops into your mind or point of vision. This is your vibrational frequency. The number you get is how well you are truly feeling. This is a terrific gift, something you can work with when you truly tap into your current emotional state.

Now in order to attract many of the “people, experiences, things” we desire, we must in a given moment be in a high vibrational spectrum, closer to an 8-10 on the scale. How do you know how you truly feel?

8 Tips for measuring how you TRULY feel in each moment:

What’s your gut saying?
Are you able to focus on important tasks?
Do you experience pain in your body. Where?
Are you smiling inside? Frowning?
Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed? An elevated heart beat?
Did you sleep well last night?
What is your energy level for your family, for business, for exercise, for life?
What food are you fueling your body with? Do you have reactions to foods you eat?

Invest in yourself, your vibrational alignment towards the life you truly aspire. Tranformational Coaching can take you there.

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8 Best Steps to Raise Your Vibration

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Merry Christmas friends & treasured clients.

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With love, Colleen xo