Quantum Energy is Real Life ~ Podcast #1 Michael Clogs of Depictions Media Interviews Colleen Wynia

As Energy beings, we are constantly vibrating at a frequency matching our beliefs. We are vibrationally sending energy signals that attract everything into our lives, all experiences and tangibles, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Quantum Energy is Real Life has a universally studied and proven science supporting the exciting theory felt by many spiritual educators like Colleen. Michael Clog’s passion and knowledgeable for the science of Quantum Energy is Real Life coupled with Colleen’s highly personal and professional client collection of experiences over 20 plus years, brings together a topic that we are globally exploring and learning to embrace into all facets of our life.

Colleen shares her 5 Point Star Approach to honour our body’s Vibrational Energy field in key facets of Life for Living Healthy Beyond 100, or a good life along the course of your Lifepath. The broader objective being to allow in more joy, love, abundance, compassion and meaning to our hearts and everyone we impact and connect with in the world.

Colleen + Michael Clogs Podcast

Quantum Energy is Real Life is as much a powerful definition of Micheal’s tough upbringing illuminating his courage and passion as it is his interview of me. Michael is an incredible human being. He truly cares and illuminates the world wherever he goes. Growing up Michael was  told that his opinion did not matter. Nothing he said would ever impact anyone and that he should learn to take orders from those who were smarter than he was.

When he and his mother were told by school advisors that his wanting to attend university was not the place for him and he would never do more than a simple trade, Michael went on to attend university and became a very successful chemical engineer and analyst. But that not being enough, Michael found a calling to help people change their lives and change the world.

Michael’s company Depictions Media was founded on the idea that everyone has a voice and everyone should be heard. I am blessed to call Michael my friend and fellow light advocate. Take a moment to explore Depictions Media and enjoy interviews from other experts in their field. Listen to our Podcast on Depiction Media’s platform:
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