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Our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend recently ended, and I took some time to reflect on the things I am grateful for and do some planning for the rest of 2021. The last 18 months have been an emotional roller coaster for everyone, and for many of us we have had to pivot our lives to adjust to the changes. Navigating this new landscape for many of you has been so stressful, confusing, overwhelming. For me, I have much to be thankful for and I am as committed as ever to helping others.

As a Reset Your Vibe Vision Coach & Intuitive, one of the biggest pivots I have been working on is to transition more of my work to an online model, while still offering in person private sessions where needed. My physical body has always required this level of hands-on care as I know first-hand my clients do too.

New short-term Intensive to Overcome Challenge

I am offering a new short-term intensive, Quick Start to Clarity, that will help those who are struggling to overcome a loss, facing uncertainty of direction, or self doubt and looking for clarity, confidence & understanding. This program will help you uncover solutions to your current challenges and create a plan to move forward with greater certainty.

In the past 20 years I have worked with countless men and women using intuitive coaching, spiritual guidance, breathwork, and energy bodywork, & deep tissue massage that positively transformed their lives. Examples that touch my heart include revitalizing joy and playfulness, overcoming a health problem, attracting more beautiful, loving relationships, and receiving greater financial abundance with more clarity of purpose.

Quick Start to Clarity will consist of 2 online sessions of 45 minutes each. In the first we will work through where you are currently and identify 2-3 quick strategies to move forward with. The second session will be 3 weeks later; we will review how the strategies have worked for you and look at steps to keep you moving forward.

Cost of the Program and what’s FREE?

The cost of this program will be $197. As I have some space in my schedule in the next few weeks, I am offering this for FREE to the first 5 (five) people who book their initial session before November 1, 2021.

Schedule your first session by clicking on the calendar link below!

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I love you, I believe in you, you are Unique beyond measure.

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Colleen xx