Raise Your Vibration, Energy is Everything is paramount to a healthier, joyful, successful state of living life. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, agitated, angry, sad, depressed or low energy? Have you felt tightness in your chest or throat, a sick feeling in your stomach? Perhpas a long term unhappy relationship, complicated sticky business situation or uninspired in life?

Did you know that grief, pain, frustration, long time addictions, poor nutrition and ongoing use of prescription medications (to name a few) actually lowers vibration, inspiration and motivation? Most people already know this by how they feel.

The #1 THING YOU MUST DO EVERY DAY is monitor your feelings and take action to Raise Your Energy. On a vibrational scale of 1 – 10, 10 being feeling Amazing, how do you feel today? It’s important to do this every day and throughout the day. Tony Robbin’s calls it PRIMING.

How you feel matters. It’s THE MOST important thing. How you feel is Energy and Energy is Everything. It’s the difference between surviving and thriving in life!

There are basics to Raise Your Vibration and we can all start with the basics each day. Check out my video for 3 Tips on Raising Your Vibration.

Vibration is the energy frequency at which we vibrate. In every moment we are sending signals to the universe that is a direct match to how we feel. When we are feeling GOOD, we attract in more positive awesome, even magical experiences. When we are feeling off or BAD, we attract to us less good experiences.

This is a very basic explanation of vibration and there are more factors involved, but essentially a lower vibration will create resistance and lower our ability to be powerful manifestors for attracting in more Love, Joy, Peace, Passion and Money. Or whatever you truly want.

Learning the basics is awesome, but it doesn’t stop here. Long term feelings of grief, loss, depression, frustration, addictions, overweight, medications, money problems and more are deeply rooted in beliefs ingrained in the cellular memory. Layers take time to unwrap, dissolve and create new neuropathways in our brain and body, so we vibrate at a higher frequency that helps us move past surviving to thriving!

Partnering with a Vibrational Coach can help you transform ancient beliefs, negative feelings, and become a powerful magnet to attract in things that feel great, aligned with your heart, inspire you to take action and motivation in the right direction, make you more money, enjoy a balanced life and vibrant health. There are many pieces to the puzzle that my Reset Your Vibe program can assist you with.

ASK YOURSELF, what’s it COSTING you in Business and your Relationships to be out of sync?

I can help you release what is holding you back, say farewell to pain and experience a massive upward shift in your energy. You will literally Reset Your Vibration by relinquishing past emotion and cellular memory, opening yourself to attract your vision and dreams faster to you.

“Vibrational Coaching” is when you want to:
• Put the past to bed, let go of the untrue story you’ve believed far too long
• Get Unstuck, release emotional pain and heartache holding you back
• Dissolve Sadness and Depression, become happier and more alive
• Relinquish Addictions, unmask the wound to heal it
• Transform Grief from Loss of a Loved one, Pet, Relationship, Job, Money
• Interpret Spirit Signs from loved ones, recognize who is communicating with you
• Gain Clarity, know exactly what to do to move your life & business forward
• Grow Your Business, attract your ideal customers, business partners & resources
• Get healthier, create new fitness & food supplement choices with greater ease
• Strengthen Your Intuition, get sharper at following your internal GPS compass
• Align Your Energy – be a Vibrational match to your desires

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It’s Time. Reset Your Vibe. Become a Healthier, Happier You!

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