How to Recognize Stress Signs and Grow Your Money when you need a rest break go hand in hand. Recognizing stress signs is paramount to your wellness and thriving in absolutely EVERY area of life.  I am talking about your Health, your Relationships, your Business, your Spiritual life ~ EVERYWHERE.

Last weekend I had a REAL eye opening, or shall I say body pounding experience. It reminded me the importance of getting better at how to recognize stress signs. I was out for the count for 3 days! This was no joke.  No Laughter.

Ms. Health Conscious, Energy Coach who LOVES living and teaching people how to raise their vibe to FEEL better while attracting more magic into their life, was absolutely debilitated due to stress. My head hurt, I threw up my cookies on day one, I was not able to work, and I hurt in a way I had never before.

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I share what happened and give health & financial hope. I give 3 tips to lower the risk of you ever having to through same. But if you do, let’s keep growing money in your bank account when you need a rest break.

The 3 Tips I share in my Video:

  1. Make a Date with Yourself Every Day
  2. Pay attention to pain signals and your little voice
  3. Get help when you need (and before!)

I learned so many things and still reflecting, yet I know I choose the experience to learn from it and strengthen my insight to better recognize stress signs as they creep up.

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