The impact of daily Stress on our physical, mental and emotional body plays a leading role in our overall Wellness. Add in the holiday activities, additional spending and couple that with an already emotional season for many and Massage & Bodywork become an essential choice for dissolving and transforming all levels of stress.

Life stressors are numerous. Beginning with our family and the challenge of personal relationships (marriage, children, and aging parents), being an employee or operating a business, the chemicals and toxins present in our food and personal care products, to environmental toxins and political factors, Stress is global and affects everyone.

Add to daily Stress a traumatic experience such as a life threatening illness or the tragic death of a loved one and WAM, you feel Stress times 1000%. This increased level of Stress can be deeply debilitating and harmful in many ways. It is ABSOLUTELY possible to reduce the havoc Stress plays on the body, mind and spirit, as have been experienced by Colleen’s CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES.

Depending on our childhood and cultural conditioning, each individual responds to Stress differently. Some people experience Stress more dramatically, yet all of us to some degree momentarily tuck away the intense emotion into the tissues, joints, muscles, meridians and cells of the body – for brief or lengthy periods of time to survive. When extreme emotion is suppressed for an extended period of time, as often the case in ‘fight or flight’ survival mode, physical, emotional and mental health may be jeopardized.

Bodywork & Massage assists us to move from survival mode to a calmer, more neutral feeling and eventually return to THRIVE. Survival mode is ok for short periods of time, similar to when we have a cut or wound, in which the body’s immediate inflammatory process moves into play for the purpose of protecting the area by helping to remove damaged and dysfunctional tissue.

Short term inflammation is the beginning of healing the cut/wound and necessary, however, long term it can be detrimental to our recovery process. Bodywork & Massage combined with Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA) allows the body to relax, connect with and bear witness to the deeper emotion.

It is by experiencing the emotion or the information connected to that emotion, that we may dissolve the pain, sadness, guilt or whatever has attached itself – freeing the heart and body.

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