Remembering who we are is easy when life is smooth. When life is moving in a positive fashion, we tend to trust ourselves, our choices, our experiences. We feel connected, in-touch with our wisdom. We listen to our intuition, our inner voice. Following our gut instinct feels natural and even enjoyable. We feel good.

In times of challenge, we may question ourselves – outwardly and inwardly. Am I making the best choice, choosing the right action or missing something altogether? What is my purpose, who am I and why have I chosen to experience this?

When adversity strikes we find ourselves in uncomfortable and often very painful circumstances, questioning what we already know deep within to be true. We find it difficult to stay the course in what we believe. We may second guess ourselves, because of the adversarial experience, choosing doubt rather than belief.

Am I enough? Wise enough, courageous enough, kind enough, intelligent enough, persistent enough, believing enough, relaxed enough, listening enough, expressing enough, aggressive enough, attractive enough, rich enough, healthy enough, fit enough, spiritual enough, educated enough, passionate enough….and the list grows on.

These thoughts are essentially the beauty of our mind challenging us to connect with our true nature, that which is love. The very fact that we exist is enough. Reason enough to embrace our inheritance – our abundance – and to deeply trust ourselves, our insights and knowingness.

What I am referring to is not so much choosing between the health benefits of a fresh fruit bowl or double fudge chocolate cake for dessert, than I am speaking to the deep-rooted knowingness within about our magnificence and right to be here, in body and in spirit!

There is magnificence to venturing into personal discovery. It does not, however, feel so wonderful when we forget our truth.

Remembering our truth is the only business at hand

“There’s no other way when it comes to THE TRUTH, so keep holding on, holding on
‘Cause we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through.” – Avril Lavigne

Recently, while driving in my car, I was in deep thought about my purpose in the world.  In that moment, I was both questioning and doubting myself. Am I doing enough, being enough, loving enough, touching enough lives with my healing work, sharing the health benefits of XanGo™ fast enough, and “allowing in” all my life’s blessings?

In that moment of doubt I heard the lyrics from Avril Lavigne’s song on the radio and I knew THE TRUTH. In the sentence “There’s no other way when it comes to THE TRUTH” I knew my only business at hand was to refocus my attention back onto what I already knew deep within to be true. That I am doing enough, being enough, loving enough…

We have all second guessed ourselves at one time or another. Perhaps once a day, perhaps several hundred times per day. I doubted myself because I was focused on the outward appearances of my life not looking the way “I think it should look” if I was truly on path and living my truth.

Our Oneness and Uniqueness

Universally connected, we share our Oneness with similar needs and requirements. We desire to love and be loved, to raise a family, to grow our businesses and career, to maintain healthy bodies, to play and laugh, and much more.

Individually, we have uniqueness, a personal flavour, a way of expressing and sharing ourselves in the world. We each have a wonderful gift and it is our responsibility to discover and bring this forward. Everything we experience and all that we do assists us to connect with our unique flavour, allowing us to taste who we are more each day.

It is not so much in what we DO, as much as how we choose to BE when we are doing it.

In remembering who we are collectively and connecting with our unique flavour, we remember we are love and have a special way of expressing that love. In returning to this awareness and embracing the feeling behind it, we will connect more whole heartedly with our truth. We will attract to us the life we desire to live, achieve our dreams and know that we are enough!

The very fact that we exist, spiritual beings in a human body, is permission for us to live in abundance and express ourselves authentically and fully to the world and everyone we share our lives with.

To embrace and move beyond adversity, we must stay the course. This is where the rubber meets the road.

10 Tips for Remembering Who We Are:

• Trust your intuition. Follow your heart and gut instinct when making decisions.

• Celebrate yourself, the adversity you’ve overcome & successes achieved.

• Appreciate yourself. Make a list of 10 things you like about yourself and read it daily.

• Appreciate a loved one. Call, write or connect in-person to share a kind word.

• Discover the truth. Take time to explore yourself through meditation, journaling, contemplation, prayer, professional guidance, group sharing.

• Choose to believe! When doubt arises, pivot and refocus on what you know is true.

• Acquaint yourself with “The Secret” DVD and all the wonderful teachings on the Law of Attraction. A particularly fascinating read is: “Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” with Esther and Jerry Hicks.

• When adversity or loss arises, give yourself permission to feel. Allow disappointment, pain or grief to arise, embrace the emotion fully, and place your attention on THE TRUTH.

• Be your own leader.  Know that you are enough. When you forget, have someone remind you!

• Practice, practice, practice! Retraining our minds to send loving, supportive messages to the cells of our body takes our willingness.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter weekend!

Blessings & Love!
Colleen Wynia

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