Reset Your Vibration to Release Stuck Emotion holding you back from thriving and feeling good! When I can open my email and read a powerful testimonial like this one from Tanya Vipond, my heart sings for her and I see more great things unfolding for this special lady.

“I have known Colleen for several years and had experienced successful healing support from her on previous occasions; so naturally when I was experiencing distress in my emotional well-being I sought her support again.

I had been weathering some emotional tumult after a difficult separation from a long-term partner, and was noticing many physical symptoms that were indicating much deeper pain, and unresolved issues – both mental and physical.

In attending several sessions of Colleen’s Reset Your Vibration consult series, she worked with me through breath work, deep tissue massage, and holistic release methods.  In expertly navigating me through this process Colleen was professional, compassionate, and effective.  She supported me to create an even stronger connection between my mind and body; as well as a keener sense of awareness as to how my present well-being had been informed and affected by my past.

With Colleen’s guidance I released a lot of pain housed in my body; and re-learned how to feel my way through some points of my past without holding onto them.  I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking to let go of past trauma; and to raise their mind-body connection.”

~ Tanya Vipond, BA Psych RPC, Mental Health Counsellor and Employment Specialist