To reset your energy vibe to attract in more of what you want, Colleen shares that to Magnify and Attract into life more of your Desires, Dreams and Goals, you must Reset Your Vibe from the inside. Everything in your world is a reflection of how you feel inside. As you raise your vibration and feel happier, healthier, heal grief, and align yourself to what you love, you’ll attract in better Health, Relationships, Money, and much more.

There are countless ways to raise your vibration to feel good. From reading inspirational books to going for a walk outside, from your favourite exercise to spending time with children who make you smile, relinquishing a painful emotion and creating more freedom and peace in your heart, to nourishing your body with quality nutrition that will fuel your body and send positive signals along your neuropathways … good messages received by the brain.

One of the most important ways to reset your energy vibe is by improving your state of health and wellness. Colleen shares her passion for XanGo’s mangosteen juice to lower inflammation and restore your health vibe.

The XanGo Story: Joe Morton’s Mangosteen Dream

Derived from the whole fruit Mangosteen of Southeast Asia, known largely as the Queen of Fruits, XanGo Juice™ is the flagship functional health beverage brought to market by XanGo, LLC.  For centuries, the people of Southeast Asia have revered the Mangosteen FRUIT for its delicious taste and the Mangosteen’s PERICARP or RIND for its nutritional properties.

With modern day research validation, the whole fruit Mangosteen is among the most studied of all botanicals for its wide range of phytonutrients and health promoting properties. Above all other juices and botanicals, the renowned medical research institute the Mayo Clinic is conducting its first clinical study on XanGo Juice™.

Comprised of founder Joe Morton and his five talented partners, XanGo is leading the wellness industry with a billion dollar brand that is enhancing the physical and financial health of over 1,000,000 distributors worldwide. Add to this the thousands and thousands of individual stories, you will want to explore what XanGo Juice could do for you and your family.

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