For Resilient Health one must Lower inflammation to Lower Risk of Dis-ease. I am very intrigued about the afterlife, what happens when we die. I’m even more excited about living a long and healthy life in THIS body.

As much as I love learning and educating on death and dying, counseling people in easing grief associated with their loss, and Interpreting Spirit Signs, I choose to live a vibrant, resilient life!

Resilient Health is learning to Reset Your Vibe on the “Inside” so you FEEL GREAT and attract into your life wonderful experiences from the “outside”. This is the premise of my posts. Always moving towards the goal of positively re-aligning the frequency at which you vibrate, through countless ways, will attract in the people, experiences, health, knowledge, resources, money and lifestyle you desire much faster.

It is my job to care for my mind and body. It is your job to care for yours. We can expand our resiliency (the state of being resilient) by raising our internal vibration. Through transforming the old habitual messages we tell ourselves and replacing them with new neuropathways, we essentially transform old patterns and beliefs at the cellular level.

Through emotional healing, breath work, nourishing our physical body, fueling our mind, exercising, enjoying 7+ hours of quality sleep, eating healthy GMO-free, organic food and quality supplementation to top up our game, we are moving in the direction of our goals, dreams and desires because we are vibrating high on the scale, moving up the frequency ladder.

strength and resilience

The merriam-webster definition of resilient is the ability to “become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens” and “able to return to an original shape after being pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.”

The origin of resiliency is Latin resili of 1620-1630 meaning to “spring back” or “rebound.” defines Resiliency as the power to return to original form or the ability to recover from illness, depression, adversity or the like.

Let’s talk about Inflammation. There is “good” inflammation and there is “bad” inflammation. Good inflammation is a natural course of healing when you have a cut, injury or infection whereas the area or organ protects itself by creating a state of inflammation.  This is a temporary protection mechanism that will help prepare the body to begin healing.

There is bad inflammation when it’s chronic and goes on far too long. Inflammation can develop in almost every part of the body and can be life threatening when the body faces cancer, heart or stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol and more.

It is absolutely possible to lower inflammation naturally, without the use of a prescription drug. Though we may not have immediate influence on certain environmental happenings, we can choose the foods we eat and the supplements we consume to condition our body to be more resilient!!

Supplementing the foods we eat by adding quality whole food botanicals primes our body for success. It protects against illness by positively affecting the body’s innate intelligence to do the job it was designed for – providing us a powerful foundation to thrive and age gracefully for years to come!

One of my favourite whole food supplements I consume daily for resilient health is Mangosteen, an all-natural, powerhouse anti-inflammatory in the form of a juice beverage. It’s in liquid form for faster absorption. I started consuming almost 10 years ago for its anti-tumor and health prevention properties triggered by the painful loss of my cousin Rob and Dad Gerry. I love how young my body feels.

XanGo is the company and XanGo’s Mangosteen Juice beverage is a billion dollar global brand. Mangosteen has a rich history of results backed by published studies worldwide and thousands of success stories of people who got their health back and feeling younger, myself included. Primarily, this is due to the ‘whole fruit puree’ formulation that contains all 50+ Xanthones in each serving addressing over 200 biological activities in the body. Outstanding!!

Learn about Mangosteen juice, check out this video:
 Is there a Better Way?

Harnessing mangosteen as a whole-fruit, XanGo Juice provides a wide array of active biological properties and phytonutrients to support respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health and joint health.

A short list of possibilities for Resilient Health:

  • Ease muscle and joint pain
  • Promote tissue & cell regeneration
  • Heal an injury; reduce inflammation overall
  • Improve blood flow & circulation for cardiovascular health
  • Reduce stress & promote relaxation
  • Deeper quality sleep
  • Increase mental focus & clarity
  • Increase energy & feel happier

To learn about the rich history and science behind Mangosteen juice, enjoy this video:
Is there a Better Way?

Ready to enhance your health and slow the natural aging process, try XanGo Juice risk free for 30 days:

What do Mangosteen and Massage have in Common?

Know that you are the designer of your health. You choose to THRIVE!! The resources exist to live a long and happy life. It’s up to you to claim them!!

Blessings, with Love

Dinner with Aaron Garrity CEO XanGo. Aaron is health crazed, a big-time athlete himself!

Dinner with Aaron Garrity CEO XanGo. Aaron is health crazed, a big-time athlete himself!