Thank you to wonderful staff of RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Deep Cove in North Vancouver for welcoming me December 1st. It was an honour and pleasure to be featured at RBC’s business profile day for a second time since the summer. I met many new faces and reconnected with a few neighbours and friends not seen in some time.

The day consisted of my offering mini-massages on-site, draw for a free Massage or Intuitive Counseling consult, intriguing impromptu conversations, and a brief education on XanGo’s Wellness line-up. For those of you not familiar with XanGo, this is the wellness company who brought the revered and sought after Mangosteen Juice to the world ~10 years ago.

The vision is wellness for increasing energy and longevity, lowering stress and improving mood-state, weight loss and weight management, and healthier skin and hair without toxic chemicals that may do more harm than good.

Do you know someone wanting improvement? Contact me today for a FREE catalogue or ask to view a short video about health benefits or income opportunity available to everyone.