I was raised with the belief system to work very hard, with effort, in everything you do. That money doesn’t grow on trees and every penny received is earned in direct proportion to the EFFORT put out.

In researching this belief system with my mentors, friends and family, I learned that many individuals grew up in the same paradigm or belief structure. In talking with private clients for more than 6 years now, I’ve heard a common theme with them as well. As a result of this belief, there are countless times I have sacrificed my health and well-being, my state of peace and balance, by ignoring my body’s signals for rest, rejuvenation and self care.

In a desire to develop our craft, be successful in business, improve our talents, or simply keep ourselves from what feels like drowning at times, we often neglect our heart’s calling to rest, nurture, and restore ourselves. Because we are a direct reflection of our craft and what we express to the world, self care is essential for the development of our craft.

How does Self Care influence your Craft?

In the many teachings about “Law of Attraction”, including the famous The Secret DVD and book, it is explained by numerous accomplished individuals that we attract what we THINK and what we FEEL. If you want to experience something you must place yourself in the experience as if it is already in your life NOW.

If you desire a wonderful new relationship, visualize this person in your life right now and FEEL how you would feel in your body with them present. If you want your relationship to improve, FEEL it. If you desire a new vehicle, select a photo of this vehicle, picture it often, and FEEL yourself driving. This is the same approach for developing your craft – whether an actor, director, writer, singer, performer, lawyer, doctor, health professional, business owner, parent – you must FEEL THE ENERGY, a feel good vibration, in your body.

For years, we’ve heard about the importance of affirmations and visualizations, yet these approaches do not work alone. We must breathe in and feel ourselves already in the experience of our desire. You are the expression of your craft, for it is through you the craft, and what you convey to the world, exists.

Why Emotional Body Healing for Self Care?

To truly feel the Joy of your creation, it is important to clear; make space in your emotional body for Joy and new things to enter your energetic field. This will look different for everyone, however, it requires a transformation of pain, trauma, grief, guilt, etc. that may be held at the cellular level as a stored memory in the body.

In your daily life, stored memory in the cells may show up as pain or discomfort in the physical body (neck, back, hips, anywhere) or heartache in the emotional body. The mental body may be distraught with intense dreams and frightful visions, or spiritually you may feel empty, alone, and unsure about your life and reasons for being here. At times it can be a niggling feeling that you may not be able to place your finger on.

It can be helpful to become aware of what the cellular memory relates to, however, it is not essential to KNOW it to release, or rather transform it. The only requirement is to FEEL – which invites you to surrender and embrace the present emotion. Can you imagine: nothing TO DO, simply TO BE?

Though challenging for many of us, myself included, when I do give myself permission to slow down, go inside and allow my experience to unfold, wow, I’m blessed EVERYTIME. I feel better, more energized! My business perks up, the phone rings more often. Incredible people show up in my life to support me and my craft in ways I could never imagine. This is the result of me choosing to love myself, gifting myself more self care.

Methods of Self Care

There are numerous methods of self care, each as unique as the person seeking self care. Consider sleep, good nutrition, exercise, meditation, dance, hiking, counseling, massage and bodywork, spa treatments, personal development workshops, reading, writing, laughing, fishing, being outdoors, spending time with animals…the list is endless. How I assist my clients in self care is a two-fold approach.

First, by ensuring clients are aware of the amazing health prevention benefits of Mangosteen Juice, an effective anti-oxidant and the most powerful, natural anti-inflammatory in the marketplace today. There are more than 40 years of scientific studies and thousands and thousands of happy people around the world.

Second, in private consultation. Each session integrates ESM (Energetic Self Manifestation), drawing from a unique combination of:

Deep Tissue Massage – sports & active bodies, whole body rejuvenation
Relaxation Massage – stress relief, with a gentle approach
Acupressure – dissolve physical & emotional blocks, increase energy flow
Rebirthing – relaxation breathing to release discomfort and bust loose
Spiritual Guidance – insightful messages for clarity in any situation
ESM – energetic self manifestation at the cellular level

As a Spiritual counsellor and Intuitive Massage practitioner, Colleen Wynia draws upon her more than 10 years’ experience in Spiritual Guidance and Bodywork to support you in connecting to your Body and Heart for living joyously, particularly in the development and expansion of your craft.

To enquire how Mangosteen Juice or ESM with Massage/Bodywork and Spiritual Guidance may enhance your health and improve your craft, contact Colleen for a complementary 15-minute phone consultation.

Tips for enhanced levels of Self Care

• Sleep more. Take naps. Rest as required.
• Eat nutritiously. Increase intake of organic, whole foods and add a powerful anti-oxidant and natural anti-inflammatory. Disease can be prevented.
• Increase your level of exercise or add something new that you love.
• Spend more time outdoors in nature.
• Spend quality time with your pets and children.
• Have a massage and seek counsel/guidance as required.
• Meditate, journal, read.
• Sing, Laugh, Cry!

May you discover additional ways of Self Care, and enjoy them more often for enhancing your life and your craft.

Blessings & Love!

Colleen Wynia
HeartLink Consulting