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Part of living a Healthy lifestyle consists of quality nutrition and optimal supplement choices. Colleen has partnered with XanGo™ a global Wellness company with a Billion Dollar brand bringing life enhancing, category creating products to the world.

To learn the common vision Colleen and XanGo™ share for improving the health and lifestyle of people worldwide, we invite you to watch the videos below and visit this site:

Slow the Aging Process…Improve Quality of Life

Enjoy a brand new video by Dr. Vaughn Johnson outlining the ingredients and blends in  XALO Ageless. Geared to SLOW DOWN AGING in the body, the doctor explains how the formulation is designed to do just that!

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I’ve personally been using the formulation for 4 months TODAY. I feel and see positive changes in my body that you can read up by clicking here. I’m amazed at the depth and speed of improvements.

Ultimately, all-natural products are best when taken for 90 days. However, contact me and trial for 30-days with a no risk money back.

Eleviv Restore Natural Balance and Feel Great Again

Tired, Stressed or Depressed? The number one reason people visit a doctor is because they are Tired, Stressed or Depressed. Not injury, disease, or illness, but tired, stressed and depressed. Eleviv, a proprietary formula and category creating product by XanGo™ with 5 years of science, was exclusively formulated by Dr. Shawn Talbott. Eleviv is a blend of 4 exclusive botanical ingredients uniquely designed to restore the body’s natural Vigor. Vigor is a scientific term to describe a balanced state of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Vigor is ‘wellness’ in the biggest possible sense.

The XanGo Story: Joe Morton’s Mangosteen Dream

Derived from the whole fruit Mangosteen of Southeast Asia, known largely as the Queen of Fruits, XanGo Juice™ is the flagship functional health beverage brought to market by XanGo, LLC.  For centuries, the people of Southeast Asia have revered the Mangosteen FRUIT for its delicious taste and the Mangosteen’s PERICARP or RIND for its nutritional properties.

With modern day research validation, the whole fruit Mangosteen is among the most studied of all botanicals for its wide range of phytonutrients and health promoting properties. Above all other juices and botanicals, the renowned medical research institute the Mayo Clinic is conducting its first clinical study on XanGo Juice™.

Comprised of founder Joe Morton and his five talented partners, XanGo is leading the wellness industry with a billion dollar brand that is enhancing the physical and financial health of over 1,000,000 distributors worldwide. Add to this the thousands and thousands of individual stories, you will want to explore what XanGo Juice could do for you and your family.

XanGo’s Beverly Hollister & Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition

In a ground breaking 2005 study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) on the most popular brands of Personal Care products, 33% contained at least one ingredient linked to Cancer, 45% contained ingredients shown harmful to reproductive health or fetal development, and 60% included chemicals that disrupt hormone balance.

XanGo™ pledges to do no harm and delivers safe, results oriented Mangosteen Skin Nutrition and personal care products that contain no hidden fragrances, no hidden chemicals and are toxin free to us and the environment. For more eye-opening education on the unsafe and unregulated cosmetic and personal care industry, go to:

XanGo BioActive X3 Science


XanGo Pericarp Oil

Glimpse Skin Care Demonstration from XanGo