Nutrition & Wellness

Feel tired mid-day?
Have pain or chronic inflammation?
Feel overweight? Have undesired belly fat?
Experience anxiety, overwhelm, poor memory?
Want to increase fitness level performance & strength?
Want to slow the aging process, build muscle, and reduce fine lines?

I can counsel you in good nutrition and wellness and anti-aging supplementation.

I will help you make permanent positive changes that will stick with you, improving the quality of your life. Through Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA), I’ll help you establish new neuropathways (the messages you tell yourself), to encourage better nutritional choices for health prevention. Part of raising your internal vibration is determined by a healthy body and mind.

Want to improve the quality of your health?
Your nutritional goals must include healthy plant-based food choices filled with phytonutrients, be free of harmful chemicals and grown as close to nature intended. Given our soil conditions on the planet today, mixed with numerous environmental stressors, it is ideal to supplement meals with quality whole food phytonutrients.

Mangosteen juice is one proven “Gold Nugget” in wellness nutrition and Colleen’s favourite for over 10 years. Harnessing Mangosteen’s remarkable whole-fruit properties provides phytonutrients shown to lower inflammation, reduce pain, satisfy food cravings, improve intestinal, respiratory and immune health, support a healthy heart, and to assist the body to better cope with aging.

Moring Oleifera is equally amazing as an overall nutrition for the body. Moringa provides over 90+ nutrients, replacing many over the counter vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, Omegas 3,6, 9, approximately 25x the iron in spinach and surprisingly this “miracle tree” contains more protein than beef or salmon. Ask Siri and Google “What is the most dense botanical in the world?” See for yourself the trend in nutrition.

Learn about the science and history of ‘whole food’ Moringa Oleifera and Mangosteen by connecting with Colleen. Trial for 30 days with a no risk money-back guarantee: CLICK HERE

Nutritional wellness is always enhanced with: Rebirthing, Massage & Bodywork, and Acupressure. Eating well, enjoying plenty of exercise, quality sleep, laughing, smiling, giving and receiving love – all play a role in maintaining an active lifestyle through the aging years.

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I will help you Align your Body & Spirit to become a Magnet to your lifestyle goals and dreams. We’ll combine Quantum Healing with these approaches:

Massage & Bodywork

Massage and Bodywork are a natural, proven approach to stress management, relaxation and healing. I offer a number of different practices to align with your needs.

Transformational Coaching

I can help you release what is holding you back, say farewell to pain and experience a massive upward shift in your energy. You will literally Reset Your Vibration by relinquishing past emotion and cellular memory, opening yourself to attract your vision and dreams faster to you.

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication is essentially sharing messages, insights & feelings from loved ones who died. Through Quantum Energy Awareness I will guide you to awaken your inner psychic, so you may receive guidance from your beloved Spirits.

Nutrition & Wellness

I can counsel you in good nutrition and wellness, and anti-aging supplementation. I will help you make positive healthy changes that will stick. Ultimately, improving the quality of your life with more energy & zest, a happier mood state, less stress & anxiety, an ideal body weight, and a happier you inside and out.

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