Signs of 11:11 You Can Trust are real and often a pathway to a new beginning.

Are you seeing more signs of 11:11 showing up on your mobile device, your computer, your digital clock or speedometer inside your vehicle? What about when making purchases and the receipt is $11.11 or $111.11?

In this video I’ll help you embrace self trust a little more and better understand the meaning of seeing 11:11 signs and messages when they show up as a prompting from a family member (Grandfather) communicating with you in Spirit.

My client went through a recent loss of her grandfather and was struggling with making life decisions, trusting herself and also deciding how best to move forward in her business and career life.

One day client had a beautiful “ah ha” moment and felt the presence of her beloved Grandfather who passed. During our spiritual coaching call together she came to realize her grandfather’s Spiritual presence is showing up to let her know he is nearby and wants to help guide her to navigate career and life choices that are more aligned to her heart’s values and aspirations.


Let’s talk about Secrets to Empower Your Intuition to make wiser decisions that grow your business and harmonize your life.

I’m SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE Crystallize Your Vision is open for September enrollment, by application only. 

Our Spiritual Coaching program offers an empowering pathway to Energize Your Intuition to speed up manifestations and healing that can take years with traditional therapies.

This is your invitation to join our Crystallizing tribe of visionaries and heart-centered women (career focused, wellness coaches, spiritual healers, women navigating change) ready to heal stuck energy and trauma wounds holding you back, dissolve anxiety into deep peace, transform self-doubt into Clarity, Confidence and bring freedom of Creativity.

Become awesome at effectively tapping into your intuitive personal guidance system (Innate Wisdom) to more clearly recognize SIGNS from your Spiritual Cheerleaders and interpret messages circling in your body and daily life, guiding you out of suffering and uncertainty towards greater harmony and freedom for living your highest purpose.

One member’s share of renewal…

“I have truly been reborn. I know myself better now than I ever have before and I see how coming into alignment with my inner self has attracted to me abundance, financially, spiritually & emotionally. I am honored to have crossed paths with Colleen and am SO GRATEFUL for the lifetime access her program offers.”

Another member expressed…

“Allowed me to connect more with my departed sister, who helped me achieve the highest level of promotion and the biggest bonus. I earned in one month what I used to earn in one year.”

Love this experience of the power of group…

“What I loved most about the program was the group connection. Inside the Coaching Call Colleen held space for us to show up – be accountable to our goals and commitment to growth – a stage to work through obstacles to understand and overcome them.”


Learn how to Energize Your Intuition to:

  • Infuse Life Force Energy to Nourish Your Body and Spirit
  • Overcome Self Doubt and Trust Your Decisions
  • Tap into your Intuitive brilliance for solutions to overcome challenges
  • Navigate and weather the storms of life with greater ease
  • Recognize & Interpret Spirit Signs and Messages from Loved Ones
  • Embrace your Emotional Wisdom, Learn how to Feel to Heal
  • Create your Sanctuary, Revitalize your mind and nurture your Heart
  • Expand your entrepreneurial confidence and connections
  • Deepen Your Relationship to Self, Source and Others
  • Live Life Your Way, On Your Terms

Curious if Crystallize Your Vision’s twenty years in the making program is right for you and aligned to help you reach your dreams and visions through honouring your intuitive power like it has for me and the members?

Give yourself the Exquisite GIFT of a conversation to explore the possibilities and book your Clarity Call with Colleen.

To decide if tapping more into your body’s guidance and trusting messages from your Spiritual Cheerleaders (like my client’s Grandfather) helping her navigate health, relationship, career and life changes is going to help you live your joyful, abundant life purpose, check out Crystallize Your Vision Transformations YouTube playlist here:

Crystallize Your Vision Transformation Testimonials

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