Every day is about aiming to feel good, or feel better than you did. When you embrace your honest thoughts and speak your truth, first to yourself then to others, you will see magic happen, blessings unfold, and your energy vibrating at a higher level that attracts Magic to you. 

In each moment, inspiring to feel good or feel better is the goal for magic. Wherever you are at, whatever is unfolding around you (and feels like it’s happening to you). If you are feeling quite low like a 2, or even a 4 or 5 on the emotional ladder (based on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 feeling amazing), you want to rise up a notch or two or eight.

One of my favourite books for understanding the direct connection of how you feel emotionally is linked to what you attract into your experience in each moment, is titled The Vortex: The Law of Attraction assembles all Cooperative Relationships written by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Jerry has since transitioned).  Learn more by watching Esther’s video:  The Vortex

What happened to me recently where magic happened is connected to how I felt about a personal relationship and what I did about how I felt. I have a dear friend I’ve cared about for a long time, and things were feeling “Off.”  It’s an energy I was feeling that was building and building to feeling more and more “Off.” There was something I wasn’t saying. There was something that didn’t feel good. Something wasn’t lining up.

Though a series of realizations and coming to clarity with my own feelings, I decided to share with my friend what was on my heart. Partly verbal and partly in written word. When I finally tapped into, tuned into what was really bothering me, and taking a leap of faith to express how I feel and what I was thinking, while also feeling afraid my friend may not receive me well or understand, things still shifted for the positive. I thought our friend may or may not want to maintain our friendship or may not be able to because we are clearly at different vibrations.

I needed to speak my truth and express for my well-being. When I did, wow I FELT AMAZING in my body! Trust the body as a barometer, a guidance or GPS system. It’s essential to feel good from the inside out for magic to happen. Your body when it feels GOOD can attract in healthier relationships, more money, success in your business, great health and many things that you desire.

How to Reach Your Goals and Attract Your Vision Faster

In moments after meeting my hint of fear by hitting the “SENT” button and my truth in an email was off to my friend, Bam!!! I immediately became a vibrational magnet to really cool things happening. I was in a store shopping and there were these conversations people started up with me out of the blue and they were hilarious and so much fun. I look down at my phone and there is one new voice message and two new emails asking me for consult and massage sessions, plus I had another engaging with my network marketing business asking me how to get started up again with the health supplements they were previously buying. It came “out the blue” apparently, magic happens!!

But where did all this come from? I knew in my heart it wasn’t all magic, although it looks like magic! It was happening because I spoke my truth regardless that I was feeling concerned, vulnerable and afraid.

So that’s what you do? Speak Your Truth if you want more money in your business, you want better health and your body to cooperate, and you want your relationships to improve. Look around you because you are EXACTLY where you need to be and always a match to your desires. Want to change what happening, Speak Your Truth and share something you’ve been holding back on.

Every person in your life, including this good friend of mine who I love dearly and needed to express myself although I don’t know what the future holds, is who is meant to be in your life to help you be truthful to yourself, be authentic with yourself and others. I do know that I am in alignment because after expressing what was feeling “off”, I FEEL good in my body and my business picked up immediately!!

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