Spirit Communication Signs: When someone dies, their spiritual body continues living in an alternate vibration or frequency if you will. This is not another time or place as some believe, but here and now, among us. Our loved ones passed on are always available to communicate as WE and THEY desire. Are you a Believer?

My sharing today about Spirit Communication Signs is exciting. It’s from my friend Natasha who awoke recently one morning to find this occurrence in her girls’ bathroom. She has two daughters. Without a doubt she said the shower curtain and hooks were not in this position the night before. Take a close look at the incredible pattern formed. The curtain was closed, bunched to one side, and when Natasha pulled it open – THIS IS WHAT SHE WITNESSED!!

Immediately Natasha thought of me and texted the photo and recalled her surprised experienced.  I sensed grandmother energy (great grandmother) watching over her daughters. My sister Corrine has intermittently continued to communicate her love and spiritual presence by either unhooking or re-hooking my home shower curtain and our Mom’s in unique patterns that have captured our attention.

Moving physical objects is a favourite form of Spirit Communication Signs because I am an organized person. Most items in my home have a place, so when a picture frame or candle or angel ornament is suddenly turned about or moved inches from its original location, I take notice.

If you are a not a highly organized person, it’s less likely a loved one passed will elect to communicate this way. Rather, they will engage in another form of Spirit Communication through Signs that will capture your attention, inviting you to “Stand Up and Take Notice. “

Spirit Communication Signs and methods can include:

  • Moving Objects
  • Dreams
  • Electrical Occurrences
  • Temperature Changes / Sensations
  • Smells
  • Inspirational Thought / Download
  • Synchronicity Events
  • Visions

When clients ask me, “How do you know it’s this person or that person who died and is communicating?” I respond with, “You will know, it comes from within like an Ah Ha moment.” Trust your first instinct and feeling, the one before your mental chatter interferes. Our intuition is always right – it’s only a matter of sharpening our skill to hear, deeply listen and interpret the meaning.

The chosen form of spirit communication at a given time is highly personal. Emotions may range from sadness, anger or grief to joy, laughter and exhilaration depending on what is occurring in life and what the moving object represents to each being.

Whatever the message, it’s beautiful for you and yours to interpret its meaning. You know you BEST, trust yourself, and trust your intuition or knowing!

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