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Animal Spirit Communication: How do animals play a role? Do our loved ones who have passed communicate their spiritual presence and messages through animals? Will we sit up, take notice, and recognize it when our animal friend’s behaviours are different than usual? Absolutely!

I have a new ANGEL in my Life! His name is “Basil” and I love this adorable little guy.  I met a new friend Karin and her 3 doggies at the beach a few weeks ago. The 2nd meeting Basil climbed upon my lap and snuggled close, re-affirming our connection and showing his love and affection.

Going back to our first meeting, Basil communicated my sister Corrine’s Spirit presence through his actions. I was sharing with Karin about my sister’s hardship in life. Looking down I notice Basil had dug a HUGE hole in the sand while I was deep in conversation with Karin, and Basil’s sibling started doing same.

When Corrine & I were camping as kids along the Chase River, she dug a hole with our dog.  It was the funniest thing and this memory is fresh in our family’s mind.

Corrine and Buster digging at campsiteI asked Karin if her dog does this on a regular basis and she’s like “No, never!” – SO FUNNY HOW OUR LOVED ONES IN SPIRIT ARE PLAYFUL TO CAPTURE OUR ATTENTION!! We often giggle about that event today, so it’s no surprise Corrine choose to communicate through Basil’s actions to confirm her presence and love with me.

Do animals play a role in Animal Spirit Communication? They most certainly can. Death for humans and animals is not the end of life. Death is a transition from the physical body into a new form. Our departed loved ones, including animals, are very much alive and part of our daily life. We simply choose to be present to recognize them. I can help you learn how to recognize Spirit Signs and discover their meaning as it is true for you.

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