Intuitive Guidance

Spirit Messages through Intuitive Guidance is a unique method of Transformational counseling based on the principle that Intuition is inherent in each of us. Intuition is instinctive, all-knowing and innate to every individual. When we receive Spirit Messages from Souls who wish to communicate to us, it can be truly life changing.

In a Co-Creative process between Colleen, her client and the Energy, we invite the collective wisdom of knowledge and truth. By tapping into universal Quantum Energy, that we are each connected to through our oneness, we draw upon information stored at the cellular level in the body.

In recognizing our wholeness, understanding we are innately healthy and not broken, and that we do not need to be fixed, we can transform our thoughts and misguided beliefs which have hindered our state of wellness – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In essence, Colleen will guide you in accessing aspects of yourself that you are ready to explore and bring increased consciousness to, for the purpose of deepening self-love.

Through self-acceptance, we give more love to ourselves which ultimately enhances our personal and professional relationships at every level, enabling us to attract in the resources we need, at the precise moment we require them, to create our dreams and life aspirations.

A component of Spirit Message through Intuitive Guidance that Colleen specializes in is Interpreting Messages from loved ones in Spirit. If a loved one has passed over, you may desire communication with them while exploring your thoughts and emotions in a safe, confidential and loving environment.

Messages from Spirit

Psychic and Spiritual Mediums like James Van Praagh, John Edwards, Rosemary Altea, Sylvia Browne, John Holland, Lysa Mateu and many others are often sought out to bridge the communication gap. I want you to know it is absolutely possible to communicate with your loved ones in Spirit ALL BY YOURSELF!

As an Intuitive, Colleen Wynia offers a heart-centered way of linking energetically with all beings, in spiritual or physical form, and assisting you to do same.

Intuitive Guidance can include communication with your loved ones in Spirit; while at the same time transform any physical, mental, and emotional barriers that may be impeding your self-acceptance, your self-love. Think of it as having a tour guide to places not yet explored.

Accessing insightful Spirit Messages will enhance all areas of your life. This may include, but is not limited to, enabling healing to the body and heart, rediscovering a purpose for living, learning to recognize spirit signs, and trusting instincts to make healthier, wiser choices.

Our loved ones in Spirit desire to connect with and support us in living our Best Life. Spirits may serve as guides, teachers, motivators, and companions. Messages from Spirit may show up in the form of words, visions, sensations, smells, sounds and emotions.

Colleen will relate what she receives and assist you in becoming deeply relaxed so you may receive and interpret messages from Spirit all by yourself. Everyone has the ability to access Spirit. In truth, Spirit is both who we are and all that which surrounds us.

Colleen invites you to welcome opportunities to receive messages of guidance by familiarizing yourself with the many ways to recognize and Interpret Spirit Signs.