Spirit Signs from loved ones are everywhere. In Spirit, loved ones who have transitioned (passed over, died) regularly communicate with us through Spirit Signs. There are countless methods Spirits will choose to capture your attention and communicate in a way you can recognize them.

Spirit Signs from loved ones through moving objects is one of the ways to recognize signs from spirit. My sister Corrine shows her presence through “Moving Objects” by capturing my attention Boxing Day late evening.

I open up the washer/dryer closet and bam, I witness the string attached to the light looped TWICE. Not once, like oh maybe I did that when I last turned the light off. It was TWICE, eliminating ANY doubt I had that it was my doing.

In all the years living at my home this is THE FIRST time I’ve witnessed a wild occurrence of this nature. There have been many other objects moved and rearranged, but this one was like non other. And, nobody else was at my home during my Christmas evening absence.

My sister Corrine is nearing her 10 year anniversary on January 14, 2016 and always communicates more often during holidays and anniversaries. This all makes sense. Stepping up the game shall we say. I love her so much, she’s so playful, yet because of my BELIEF in Spirit Signs, I have less pain and feeling of loss in my heart because her beautiful spirit is with me daily, or whenever she and I choose to connect.

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One of my personal favourite mediums and educators on the subject of Spirit Signs from Loved Ones is James Van Praagh. Learning from many teachers helps us design our unique flavour and style for receiving and interpreting messages:  James Van Praagh

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There are steps we first experience from disbelief to surrender to acceptance, to opening to the possibility of continuous communication.  It’s possible to heal the pain in your heart:  Transforming Grief and Loss

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