Have you noticed any Spirit Signs from your Loved ones who died? Moved objects, dream visits, unusual electrical occurrences, smells that remind you of loved ones, synchronicities, visuals?

Christmas is an especially active time for our loved ones to communicate, though all year I’m receiving messages and I’m sure you are too. My sister Corrine is such a rascal, our Mom can attest to that. She was always getting into mischief. She’s been playing about with the shower curtain rings in my bathroom for months now….sometimes a single unhook, sometimes unique artwork, look what she did on Christmas morning. Her masterpiece of unhooking the ring and re-linking is incredibly creative.

Enjoy this clip on my YouTube channel:  Spirit Signs through Moving Objects

I demonstrate how my sister Corrine moved two pictures frames on the office desk. One photo was her daughter Melissa who I helped raise, the other a photo of myself atop Mount Seymour after a hike I loved. Corrine is always letting me know through Spirit Signs that she exists and is nearby. I am so passionate about educating and Interpreting Spirit Signs,  the video was impromptu!

Death is not the end of life. Death is a transition from the physical body into a new form. Our departed loved ones are very much alive and part of our daily life. We simply choose to be present to recognize them. Expanding your awareness and understanding Spirit Signs may assist you to:

Ease pain or grief of losing a loved one
Overcome fears and limitations about death
Realize the true essence of living your life completely
Communicate with and learn from Spirit in your daily life
Strengthen intuition for seeing, feeling and listening to your inner voice beyond doubt

Message me anytime if you have a query about someone in your life who has transitioned. If you are feeling overwhelming grief and loss. Or if you wish to see more photos of my sister’s activity. Wishing you a happy boxing day and some peaceful moments connecting with yourself.

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