Spirit Signs Your Loved Ones Are Visiting You: Moving Objects and Electricity. Energy is Everything and Spiritual Signs from Loved Ones in the afterlife are real. The curiosity of the AfterLife is growing exponentially around the world and people are seeking Colleen to answer questions: How Do I heal my Heart after losing someone? How do I connect with my loved ones? Are Spirit Signs like Moving Objects really?

I was interviewed by the beautiful Diane Hume on the Dream Receiver show where its all about Love and Trust. We had so much fun talking about a very real experiences near and dear to my heart. How I began personally experiencing spirit signs that my loved one were visiting through ways like Moving objects and Electricity. Funny story about my cousin Rob who died (transitioned) at age 27.

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The afterlife is a subject growing exponentially and being explored because more people are dropping their guard, the veil is lifting between worlds, and there is an openness for our spirit family and friends to connect with us and us with them. The subject of the afterlife is back by much science too.

What does all this have to do with living a lifestyle we love? Spirit movement is Energy. We are energy beings. How we FEEL is everything. When we personally FEEL a connection with our loved one who has transitioned from the physical, our Hearts heal faster and we grow a our connection to Spirit, God, Source, Self. We re-engage and get back to our life, family, and business with more Joy, Fulfillment and Vibrancy!

IMAGINE experiencing…

Freedom in your body

More energy and vitality

Joy and laughter

Relationships that nourish your heart and bank account

Cool surprises from unexpected sources

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