photo 418 years later and I continue to receive creative forms of communication from all my loved ones in Spirit – which there are many. Today’s blog Insight is inspired by my sister Corrine, who transitioned 7 1/2 years ago, 3 days shy of my birthday.

With countless way for a Spirit to show their presence, the most dominant form my Spirit family has FUN showing their unique humour is through Moving Objects.

A few days ago I entered the bathroom and one of the shower curtain rings is off the shower rod – AGAIN – for perhaps the tenth time. Always the same ONE and in my direct line of vision, I laughed aloud and thought “What is on my mind in this exact moment? What does Corrine want me to reflect on?”

At times, this surprise communication is purely to capture my attention. It brings me back to the present moment, literally dragging me out of my momentarily chaotic negative thinking. Other times, this spontaneous interruption is to communicate that they understand my feeling or dilemma. Although they are not wearing my shoes (literally) and unable to comprehend the exact emotion I’m going through, they have my back.

My sister Corrine suppressed her emotional pain through excessive alcohol consumption, a severe alcoholic she was. Coupled with prior damage to her liver, this sped up an eventual collapse of her body, dying at the young age of 35 years. Her liver and associated organs could no longer bare further abuse.

As for me, in years past and sometimes now, I‘ve used food or lack of good nutrition as my means to self-sabotage, stuffing down painful emotions. The only difference between my sister and I was my actions and attempt to numb the pain, proved less harsh an impact to my physical body. Our emotional and spiritual body was equally impacted.

Corrine thought when she exited; her painful issues would go away and be resolved. She has since learned otherwise – we take ourselves as we are in the moment we transition from the physical body back to the spiritual form. She got herself quite the shocker of a wakeup call. Corrine is better now and stronger equipped to love herself, and more wisely support those of us close to her who continue to live in human form.

For clarity sake, I’ll mention we share this dimension with our Spirit friends. What is different is we live and operate on different energy frequencies and vibrate such. This is another Insight blog altogether.

Clients and friends often ask me “How do you know which loved one in Spirit is doing the moving or communication?” I explain… its individual to each person.

Bottom line; trust your inner guidance, your GPS. Most often the first name that comes to mind, or a person flashes in your vision, is who it is. You always know when you EMBRACE BELIEF instead of doubt and TRUST YOURSELF.

I am able to assist clients in expanding their inner GPS, their intuitive radar through emotional energy healing, rebirthing and bodywork sessions. I can help anyone with a desire to sharpen their radar. My approach is simple, yet deeply profound.

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