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People will ask: “In addition to your passion to educate on the importance of supplementation for living a long & vibrant life, how would you describe your client healing work? This is what I am realizing:

I am a Spiritual & Personal Counsellor. That’s the main hub.

The method in which I inspire people to uncover their inner genius, find their own voice and answers, transform grief, emotional & physical pain, feelings of stuckness or not living their Dream life, well I DRAW UPON dialogue, Quantum energy healing, Deep tissue & relaxation Massage, Acupressure, and breath work like Rebirthing.

Then there is Spirit Communication where I educate on recognizing Spirit signs, Psychic/mediumship, Life after Loss, teach how to develop or deepen Intuition, trust your inner guidance system, your GPS & feelings, how to sense and communicate with those who died, spirits who want to help and work with us daily to bring better experiences and expanded consciousness into our lives.

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I give a really GREAT massage too, for Athletes and people of all ages!

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