What is Stress? Stress is when you accidentally and unexpectedly drop your keys into the waste ‘counter slot’ at the ATM bank machine at 6:30am in the morning, approximately 90 minutes before the bank opens and miles from your home.

Standing in shock and utter amazement as I reflect on the keys falling into a LOCKED waste box, my car is parked on the street with only my wallet and cell phone in hand. In the past, I would have panicked and freaked out, BUT THIS TIME I remained much calmer.

What did I do? First, I called the 24 hour bank machine phone number and after a lengthy wait was told they could assist me, however, it may take several DAYS for the contracted company to visit that particular branch. The customer service guy said the best step was to speak with the branch manager upon opening. I decided there must be a quicker solution.

So, with a clear mental focus I asked myself what to do next?

A good old-fashioned metal clothes hanger came into mind. I immediately began walking down the street to the closest Starbucks, in hopes they could lend me one to scoop out the keys deep at the bottom. If the metal hanger still existed???

On route to Starbucks, a gentleman with weights in both hands, out for his daily exercise, is speed walking towards me. I stop him to communicate my dilemma and ask his assistance, at which time he mentions the fellow who works at the local gas station/garage could likely help. So, after a relatively short period of time, we obtain a metal clothes hanger from the garage chap, untwist and create a hook at the end, and while I’m digging up a flashlight the walking man has already scooped my beloved house & car keys!! I am thrilled, in deep gratitude and life goes on!

What I believe saved my sanity and helped me stay calm with a clear mental focus, is an amazing nutritional supplement called Eleviv. I was introduced to Eleviv about 1.5 years ago and have been consuming 2 capsules daily since. With a 91% success rate within two weeks, most people notice a subtle or dramatic shift in their body and how they cope better under stress.

Eleviv, an all natural supplement and blend of four herbs, was initially formulated for elite athletes by my friend Dr. Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., an elite athlete himself. Athletes who run iron mans, marathons and 100 mile races endure tremendous levels of stress. Eleviv is geared to enhance physical energy and improve mental focus.

As it turns out, we all face stress so Eleviv is needed for everyone, not only athletes. Who do you know that is feeling Tired, Stressed or Depressed?

Eleviv is geared to bring stress hormone cortisol as well as testosterone hormones into better balance. Scientists now believe this may in turn lower the risk of diseases like cancer. Some noteworthy benefits include:

Increases Vigor and raises physical energy levels, reduces fatigue and promotes relaxation, restores mental alertness and improves concentration, and promotes a restful sleep. One of my favourites, which I’ve personally experienced, is enhanced mood state, bringing feelings of more joy, less anger, decreased anxiety and greater calmness.

As we age and as we endure heavy amounts of stress, cortisol tends to rise and testosterone may lower in men and women. An elevated cortisol is NOT a good sign of health. If cortisol remains elevated for an extended period of time, some researchers indicate this may potentially lead to cancer. To learn about the cortisol connection, visit Dr. Shawn Talbott’s website outlining his book The Cortisol Connection.

The moral of this story, stay far away from ATM bank machines when feeling sleepy. If you must visit them, give your body the gift of Eleviv. Contact me, I’ll educate you further and we can laugh together!