small glimpse minerals photoDo you use Sunscreen to protect your skin against early aging and potential harmful effects against over exposure to the sun?

With summer approaching, temperatures increase and days become longer. We generally spend more time outside, or at least I hope we do for the extensive mental, physical, and emotional health benefits connecting with nature provide us.

I love the Vitamin D I feel on my body and how it feeds my spirit. As such, I choose short exposures in the sun that feed and nourish my body without over doing it.

Please take some time to learn about wiser choices for sunscreen. The Environmental Working Group is a fantastic place to start. Their website and recent article educating on sunscreen will address some misunderstandings and open the mind to healthier solutions for you and your family:

9 Surprising Facts About Sunscreen

I want to see everyone THRIVING in a healthy body from the inside out. If we don’t have the vehicle of our body, where on earth will we house our Spirit? The answer to that we know is death of the physical body.

My beloved cousin Robert, like a brother to me, discovered he had malignant melanoma skin cancer at the young age of 25 years.  After a lengthy struggle and much pain, he passed when he was 27 years.  The EWG has collected a wide array of research on the subject of skin cancer:

The loss or Rob and 9 months prior my father Gerry Wynia, propels me to educate on safer personal care options and quality nutrition and supplementation to greatly reduce one’s risk of cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Take time to explore EWG’s extensive teachings on everything from clean eating to using safe hair, body & skin care products. I use XanGo’s Glimpse and Juni product line that meet the highest standards of safety combined with results!  Check out the EWG’s recent articles and call me with your questions.  Please share this message and touch another’s Heart.