Always fascinating yet never a surprise! When you awaken to your creation and realize you’ve attracted into your life what you wanted, it’s never a surprise because you’ve been the designer in this creation and very familiar with the commitment process to see it through. It’s taken your unwavering belief, persistence, patience and loads of love.

As Kevin Trudeau explains in his audio series “Your Wish is Your Command”, care, but not too much. What he means is Believe what you want is showing up in your life, be passionate and excited about this knowing, have a clear vision, yet be relaxed and not attached to the HOW and WHEN your desires are going to show up. The HOW and WHEN don’t matter because when you truly Believe it to be so, IT IS SO.

Choose to live your life in complete confidence, all knowing. The energy and frequency you vibrate makes it so. As a personal example, if the man or women of your dreams appears to be presenting themselves and showing up – GREAT! If they are not at your side yet, or the one who is at your side doesn’t FEEL right, and you are not sure it ever will, there is clearly some uncertainty. In fact, you are wavering in your Belief and any amount of wavering is doubt. DOUBT will not bring your dreams to fruition…at least not for a very long time and likely in bits and pieces.

What is preferable is to maintain your wishes and KNOW that your desires will be met.  Relinquish the HOW it’s going to happen and the WHEN.

Aim to dissolve the patterned belief that in your mind’s eye, this person or that person is the perfect one for you. When you make it THAT person, you place limitations on the combined creation of your divine self and the universal resources at hand that are always working in your best interest to line things up.

Be curious, be thankful, be grateful and keep believing! Be excited knowing that your hopes, dreams and aspirations are in process and the universe is working its magic to align itself to you. Any wavering belief produces a wavering result. So be wild and over the top. Confirm to yourself daily that you are outrageously happy.

See yourself with outstanding health, having the most amazing husband, wife, or kids, you love what you do and you generate so much income (if that’s what you want) so that you live the lifestyle you choose. Act as if, be as if it’s already here in the NOW, for this embracement makes it real and allows for the universal Laws of Attraction to give you what you want. These laws never sleep and are always working for your highest best – you must believe and Want that for yourself and your loved ones.

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