We had a fabulous event and missed everyone who couldn’t join this year!!

Hosts Grace & Bob Dyck self catered with help of friends – making FAVAO style meals (chicken, beans and salad). VERY EXCITING to have XanGo founder Joe Morton, one of 6 owners, and the guy who brought Mangoteen to the world, in a relaxed backyard event (Joe Morton and myself in featured photo).

No suit & tie, no stage, simply a backyard BBQ with friends and people who care about each other! My favourite story of Joe’s is about PAYING ATTENTION to the little things (story about his son and how Joe almost overlooked the meaning behind a toy the son put together for Joe’s road trip).

Joe also shared how XanGo got started as a company, based on The Butterfly Effect, which is the same process that keeps the company growing today – sharing a story with one person at a time and the EFFECT this has over the long term!! It all starts with paying attention to the little things in life and having an inquisitive enough mind to ask questions.

Sharing an idea with one person that leads to a next step which leads to a bigger step. 10 years later we have a Wellness company that has created 100 million dollar clubs earners and thousands of people with monthly paycheques from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars per month – over $2 Billion Dollars of XanGo Juice sold (plus the other fabulous wellness products) and hundreds of health success stories.

As Joe would say, “Folks, we have a Story to Tell”. We are going to tell it even stronger like we’ve not quite done before.”

Who do you know that wants extra money? Who do you know that needs to improve their health? Who do you know that is craving a passion for Purpose…giving back to those in need. We have it all here at XanGo, with a compensation plan that is fair and lucrative, one of THE VERY BEST!!!

I am proud to represent XanGo and even more honoured to help each and every one of you.

Call me, reach out, if you need anything or want to know how to affect other people’s lives in a positive way…continuing with your own!

Love and appreciate you all.