Two Things Dad in Spirit Taught Me: Health Prevention and Life after Death, this month’s Insights Video Blog, was created to celebrate Father’s Day, the Dad’s and men in our lives present and not present, there for us and not there for us.

Every single life experience has significantly influenced the beautiful soul and human being you are today. Never forget that guys!

With heartfelt love I honour my dad’s transition 24 years ago. Love you Dad! Not a day goes by that I don’t remember how my life has been designed by the 2 things I have learned and integrated since Dad’s cancer diagnosis and physical passing:

1. Health Prevention is #1
2. Life after Death Exists

You may not know that Dad was my first VIP Massage client. Dad Gerry was my biggest advocate. On my weekend visits following his chores with horses or gardening, he’d invite me to massage his back and shoulders. This is well before I had any clue that later in my life I would extend professional Massage & Bodywork sessions to paying clients.

BTW, if you’ve stayed with me this far, ask about my Client Special through end of June 2019. Purely for my readers 🙂

I thank my father Gerry, my cousin Rob and my extensive crew of family members passed every day for Guiding and influencing me to teach the keys to preventative health, particularly lowering inflammation in the body to lower risk of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and more!!

Until Dad’s cancer diagnosis and my discovery o the whole fruit puree supplement known as Mangosteen Juice  I had no clue that inflammation was strongly linked to chronic dis-ease.

Plus, educating on the humorous ways to communicate with our loved ones passed by recognizing their spirit signs as they endeavour to catch our attention in the craziest of ways! This is one more way I capture on video to express how my sister Corrine and cousin Rob joined forces:

Watch here

In Dad’s tribute, I’m including a link to one of my earlier blogs from 2013 describing a couple ways Dad would communicate his Spirit presence through Moving Objects. This blog attracts people worldwide leaving comments and stories of certainty, curiosity, confusion and sometimes fear:

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects

Our loved ones exist, they really do. I wasn’t a believer over night. If you are unsure, but experience repeated occurrences over and over again. Our Spirit family and friends do this to drill it through our thick heads (kidding!) this is real and you are not going crazy or dreaming it up.

When you finally accept and believe its real, then that occurrence may cease and another style of communication or happening take over next time – just to make it FUN! Cause in life, they want us to have more fun.


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Love you Dad and all the great men!

Col xo