“By Unlinking your Money Motivation from Anger, Fear and the need to prove yourself – you can instill new links for earning your money through Purpose, Contribution and Joy.”
~ T. Harv Eker

Recently I was asked, “How do we do this?”

In my experience, “Unlinking” from any thoughts or energy that keeps us in the emotion of Anger and Fear, or the need to prove oneself as a means to attract in money, is a way of releasing our mind from the untrue Beliefs that have been impressed upon by way of parents, family, society and ourselves.

These are money motivating beliefs that we have bought into and believed to be true. Many of us have harbored and kept them deeply ingrained in the patterns of the cellular mind/body, derived from thinking a thought that we keep thinking, over and over again.  Thoughts like: I’m not smart enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not doing this right, others can have it but I can’t, I’ll never make it doing what I love, I’ve tried so long and nothing is working.”

We must first decide to recognize that any belief or thought that money is “lacking” in the Universe is a myth, its false, its been created in the mind. This type of thought is based in doubt, in fear, which isn’t the truth nor where our creations lie.

Our creations exist from Love, and turning to Love and influencing ourselves and our world by sharing our love in whatever expression that encourage our hearts to sing, is the only way I know.

In terms of “How to Unlink”……

I support my clients by embracing that which is, and through unique approaches that draw upon Quantum Energy Awareness (QEA).

When combined with Rebirthing, Massage & Bodywork, Spiritual Guidance & Communication and Transformational Coaching, we actually dissolve the old pattern at the cellular level for good!! We tell ourselves the truth that money and abundance of all types can be earned when we feel on Purpose, in Contribution and Joy.

Replacing and creating room for “new” neuropathways, the messages we tell ourselves, we always attract more of our money and lifestyle desires!!

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