What does Freedom Mean to You? Is it that you feel amazing every single day, jubilant and a zest for life. Is it that there’s money in your bank account and you are free to do what you want and travel. Or is it that you are fulfilled with love in your family and relationships?

Freedom means a lot of things to me, but THE MOST important is feeling good and at peace in my heart. Each day I am remembering this more and more.

In this video I share what NOT to do in hopes to prevent you going down the same anxiety and stressful path I did.

Earlier this year, I felt a pull to learn some things new about social media and technology. Time to upscale and explore new avenues in which to connect with people globally, to grace more lives with the knowledge that we are powerful beings beyond measure and destined for an amazing life.

I began to study various thought leaders, transformational coaches, network marketers and business entrepreneurs to see what practices and primary marketing message they implemented for success. I opened my mind to consider strategies such as video, webinars, regular speaking engagements, and internet radio.

As I participated in free webinars, discovery talks, observed lead generation systems and more, I began feeling extremely out of alignment with myself.

I felt overwhelm, stress and panic. I was confused how “THIS” could apply to my unique business offerings and personal style of inspiring and educating. Technology has rarely come easy for me. Certainly not an organic flow as I’d wished.  At least that’s been my past conditioning. Can you relate?

What was not working for me was trying to enforce certain things and model these thought leaders’ actions. It was like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Some things are simply not meant to align.

I believed in my mind and heart that I must adapt their approaches whole heartedly in order to expand my business and influence more lives. I believe I had to figure this out yesterday.

What I remember most during this journey is THE KEY contributor to what freedom means in Health, Wealth and Love is FEELING GOOD and at PEACE in my heart. To focus each day on what truly matters, feeling as good as you can, inching or leaping up the emotional step ladder.

Are you tapping into your wisdom? Or jeopardizing yourself by focusing on something that doesn’t resonate with you at this time?

I love that I can integrate certain aspects I’ve learned and I love that I can do so at my pace. The world will still be there (most likely) and wanting what I offer in my toolkit of Health, Wealth and Love offerings.

Listening to others’ varying opinions and buying into outside influences took me away from being in balance and feeling good while on my path to freedom.  You see, I’m working through an ancient belief system held deep at the cellular level that has so often reared its ugly head.

The voice inside my head that says I’m not good enough, smart enough, can’t have what others have, and a long list of other dissuading thoughts. I’m working out the kinks and habitual patterns of reactivity and negative self-talk.

By focusing my attention onto what resonates and feels good, I create a higher vibrational frequency in my body. This signal goes out to the universe and says aloud, “OK, NOW SHE’S READY!”  Ready for Freedom in Health, Wealth and Love but it all begins with a shift inside me.

If you want to make a change in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and improve your health to live a long Vibrant and Joyful life, you must start within. You must learn how to raise and reset your vibration so that you become a powerhouse and magnetic “attractor” for all you desire in life.

Imagine being a powerful creator that can meet any part of herself or himself, and flourish regardless of your past.

Imagine clearing energy blocks, dissolve depression and heartache and replace with joy, experience more love in your life, thrive in business and attract in more money, feel healthy and strong. All this is possible and more when you get unstuck, aligned, express your emotion.

Imagine moving through your blocks and fear faster. With the assistance of someone who has been there herself, allow me to help you uncover what’s holding you back and together we can create a NEW PATHWAY specific to you, your dreams and goals, in a way that FEELS aligned with your values.

I am a powerhouse intuitive and facilitator of change.  I’ve helped many transform their Health, Wealth and Love relationships. My Transformational Coaching program allows you to do this, meeting each layer as it unfolds to show us what’s next.

To see if we are a match, answer these 3 questions:

  1. Are you yearning for more, a desire to expand? Be honest.
  2. Are you willing to feel discomfort in the face of fear as it pops up?
  3. Will you trust in a process you have to FEEL your way through?

Check out results from Colleen’s Client Success Stories:  CLICK HERE

The good news…. change doesn’t have to take years, even months. We can accomplish this in several weeks.  In the very first session you will feel a shift, see an improvement.

I can help you clarify what Freedom truly Means to You! The most brilliant facilitators and trainers are the people who have walked the path themselves and learned what not to do.

My wish for you is to feel Amazing on your Freedom path to Health, Wealth and Love! You are a powerful creator!! Let’s begin with a conversation.

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Much love
Colleen xo