Recently, I have been blessed with the presence of a fascinating man who is kind, compassionate, fun-loving, charismatic, genuine, romantic, strong and wise. He asked me the question, “What does love mean to you?”

It was a sincere question, yet one I could not easily define in that moment. I realize that love is much bigger, broader, and deeper than I could explain in words. Love is who we are and all that we connect with. Love is our true nature. Love is genuine. In absolute simplicity, LOVE IS TRUTH.

I am drawn to share with you a “glimmer” of how love, in its most genuine way, presents itself through aspects of my life. It is my wish for you to receive from this message a reminder that will awaken or deepen your natural state of love for self and others.
Love in Business

Essentially, love in business is a compassionate, kind-hearted, authentic expression of our self. Whether we provide a top-notch service or maintain a genuine belief in an excellent product to enhance lives, love is the sincere expression involved in relating with others.

Love is about sharing the message and allowing an individual the freedom to decide if our message fits or aligns with them. It is about trusting there is indeed room for each of us to prosper. This level of trust takes belief in our self and faith that we reside in an abundant universe. As we align ourselves with work that inspires and even ignites us, we, as energy beings, resonate at a particular energetic level that naturally attracts a like vibration – a continuous flow of sales, new customers, fun-loving business associates, completing tasks with ease, increased profits, and inspirational ideas!!!

In my business, I communicate from the heart and guide others in doing the same. I interface with the Energy, which is love, to support my clients in healing their mind, body, and heart. Each of us is innately whole and well, we need only to remember this and step out of our own way.

The next time you are speaking with a client or business associate, focus every ounce of your attention on that person. Watch how people blossom like flowers, responding to your genuine interest. Ask questions about their life and listen intently to their reply. Most of us do this already, yet we can each improve the degree in which we listen. Our attention and time is the GREATEST GIFT we can give another.

Love in Personal Relationship

Love in relationship takes on many expressions. A vital aspect is giving our partners and the people we care about freedom to express what they truly think and feel. In respecting another’s thoughts and emotions, without judgment, we honour and love them. Love is not limited to intimate relationship because love does not limit. Love does not punish. We may not like what we see, however, LOVE IS TRUTH, and only truth will secure a strong foundation for love to express.

My intention is to experience a loving relationship that flourishes and deepens for a life-time. That is my truth. To embrace this possibility, I must be true to the expression of LOVE and believe in my partner to do the same. Being honest, compassionate, an incredible listener, and extending forgiveness, each moment of every day, as best I can, permits growth, movement and positive change in both people.

Love is honesty. Love is sharing what is important even when you think your words will impact or hurt another. Not for the purpose of inflicting pain, yet rather for instilling a deeper connection and trust. By enabling authentic communication, we drop our armor; lower our bridges, allowing positive transformation through a heart-felt exchange.

In authentic love, there is no room for fear. FEAR does not exist. Fear exists rather in the mind, as a result of a future imposed question like ‘what if’? We’ve each experienced a feeling of fear in our bodies, and that emotion is absolutely real, yet fear is derived from our mind’s concern about the future. Being in a state-of-fear, cancels out love, while feeling the fear and moving forward transforms fear and replaces it with LOVE – our natural state-of-being.
Love in the Afterlife

Death is not the end of life. Death is a transition from the physical body into a new form. Our departed loved ones are very much alive and part of our daily life. We simply choose to become present to recognize spirit.

As Spiritual energy beings, we are each inter-connected.  When we change form, this does not change the love we have for another, or their love for us. I read from Marianne Williamson’s book titled “The Gift of Change”, a symbolic expression of our interconnectivity. Marianne writes the following:

“Look at the spokes on a bicycle wheel. At the rim, each spoke is separated from all the others. At the hub, each spoke is one with all the others. Each of us is like one of those spokes, connected with all others at the center, at our spiritual hub.

Knowing ourselves as spirit is to know ourselves as one with each other, which is the esoteric meaning of the line in the bible that “there is only one begotten Son.” And that is why the Christ Mind, by whatever name we call it, is our salvation. It is a point of divine remembrance, saving us from the mistakes we make when we forget we are one with others. Spiritual renewal is the salvation of the world, because once we realize that what we do to others we are literally doing to ourselves, our thoughts and behavior simply change. To harm others, to refuse compassion, ultimately becomes unthinkable.”

What we do to others, is what we do to ourselves. Loving another is an extension of loving ourselves. The reverse is also true.
Tips for Expanded Levels of Love:

• Strengthen your communication muscle; express your thoughts and feelings
• Respect another’s thoughts and emotions; listen intently
• When fear arises, take a deep breath or two, decide to embrace the emotion and move through it
• Recognize the wholeness and natural beauty in everyone; who they truly are beyond their actions
• Forgive others and inevitably we forgive ourselves
• See our loved ones as unique beings; yet interconnected with us always
• Take a deeper interest in knowing more about someone already present in your life
• Write a letter, email or card telling someone why you care about them

May you expand your depth of loving self and loving another, in business, relationship and beyond.

Blessings & Love to you!

Colleen Wynia
Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Bodyworker