Why Grow Old? Reverse aging, live beyond 100 years. Turn back the clock and choose to age gracefully. Our bodies are designed to live well past 100 years!! Enjoy my 5 min video of personal insights inspired from a comment by my friend Joe Morton, XanGo Founder and wisdom from a favourite book The Secret of the Ages, the Master Code to Abundance and Achievement.

My reflection on living beyond 100 years was inspired from seeing a physical shift in two dynamic women I consulted for recently, and a discussion following a chair massage client who drinks almost zero “pure, clean water” each day.  Without a doubt, we know that emotional pain ages us. As well, how we choose to nourish our body and mind (what we put into it and onto it) slows the aging process or speeds it up.

Each of these ladies relinquished emotional pain that was held in the body.  Feelings of anxiety and anxiousness calmed, a constriction around the heart center dissolved, an opening in the throat to breath in life, and a sharp pain in the stomach and back disappeared. Tears turned to joy with smiles on their face. It was beautiful to share in their expansion.

Aligning our energy field will always promote a slowing of the natural aging process as we send love, joy and peace to the cells, atoms and neurons of our body. We relinquish belief patterns that we have to age a certain way, have this and that problem by our mid-40s, 50s, 60s and we replace with new neuropathways and loving messages. We must talk beautifully to our body each and every day.

Reflecting now on the Why Grow Old? chapter in The Secret of the Ages, the Master Code to Abundance and Achievement… An address before the American Sociological Society, Dr. Hornell Hart of Bryn Mawr predicted that “Babies born in the year 2000 will have something like two hundred years of life ahead of them, and men and women of a hundred years will be quite the normal thing. But instead of being wrinkled and crippled, these centenarians will be in their vigorous prime.”

Don’t you love that? Living in their VIGOROUS PRIME”!

The chapter later goes on to say “no matter how many years have passed since you were born, most of the cells in your body are only eleven months old today! Those cells are constantly renewing themselves. The one thing about them you can be surest of is CHANGE. Every one of the millions of cells of which your body is composed is constantly being renewed. Even your bones are daily renewing themselves in this way, and are believed to rebuild themselves, completely every seven years.”

Doesn’t that make you feel yummy? A huge reminder we are the participants in our life, the co-creators of all our experiences, and it’s possible to have, do, experience, believe, create much of what we truly want when our limits are removed.

Check out the book and post your comments below on your beliefs. For a transformational shift of your belief or restriction in your life, let’s work together and make your dreams come true!!

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