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Why Trust and Follow Your Energy is created to help you THRIVE in your Health, Money and Relationships. Let’s talk about ENERGY and WHY this is paramount to creating more of the good life you want to experience in the areas that matter most to you.

I am a Spiritual Intuitive and Energy Coach that helps people tap into their body and follow their intuitive guidance that allows you; whatever health dilemma, money challenge, business problem, personal development or relationship scenario; to thrive through learning and mastering the art of following your emotional body to source solutions most in alignment with you.

Thrive in Your Health

Why Trust and Follow Your Energy video blog touches on the blessings that a health problem showing up is a GOOD and welcomed event versus a negative experience. A health conditions that causes pain or stops you in your tracks is drawing you inside to tap into and uncover what’s really behind the symptom(s) and is ultimately a blessing in disguise.

This blessing in disguise is your opportunity to feel your pain, dig deeper to the root cause, uncover and recognize your trauma based beliefs or current life activities and choices that are not self-loving.

Through a variety of  unlimited ways from rebirthing breathwork, emotional expression, energy bodywork and massage, identification journaling, dynamic movement, time in nature, meditation and prayer, whole food supplementation and nutritional review, to transformational spiritual coaching you can tap into stored cellular pain and information that when faced/felt brings an incredible transformation that immediately changes your energy frequency and raises your vibration.

When you Raise Your Vibration even one or two notches on the emotional frequency scale, you will feel more loving, more compassion, more energy and more passion which in turn immediate begins to vibrationally attract sources and ideas into your consciousness  to then choose from a heart centered place to make the first step, or next step, toward leveling up and thriving in vibrant health.

Thrive in Your Money and Business

Why Trust and Follow Your Energy video blog will show you at the 8 1/2 minute mark exactly how TWO people I admire, Sunny Lenarduzzi and Tony Robbins, use this all important emotional skill. I explain how Sunny and Tony also live and teach their students that trusting and following your energy is KEY to THRIVING.

Thrive in Your Love Relationships

Why Trust and Follow Your Energy video blog encapsulates how getting rid of the yuck, the sticky negative beliefs that no longer serve you, dissolving the fear in your mind, and doing so by focusing your attention on the feeling in your body (the blessing in disguise), when your emotional body feels better no matter the health condition or money mindset experience you are having in the present moment, your emotional improvement sends signals outward that will begin drawing in higher vibrational people into your life – friendship, community, business partners and intimate love relationships alike.

Work with me to help you identify the emotional sticky patterns and create a renewed mindset and real life activity choices that will lead with your Energy as your #1 teacher to Thrive in Your Health, Money and Relationships.

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Love & Blessings
Colleen xo